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The Art Of Putting Our Tongues In Check Is Life Saving

At times we feel like saying or shouting it out loud just because we can and not necessarily because we have to.
  Sometimes we open our mouths so wide and on the process lose control of what comes out of it and when that happens the possibilities of getting ourselves into some complicated situations and outright troubles abounds.
  For example, a driver who drives roughly increases his chances of  involvement in an accident; likewise anyone who drives rough with his tongue is bound to get into some unfavorable situations; be it during a mere joke or in a heated arguments.

Many who are in various compromising situations today are there because of what their unbridled tongues had caused them. If you go to the prisons, mortuaries, cemeteries, and every other places of compulsory stays, their presence are also registered. Uncountable numbers of had I knows that are related to the misuse of the tongues are too numerous to mention.

  In view of this therefore, whenever we are tempted to run wild with our mouth either in private of ones home or out there in the public, we have to bear in mind and caution ourselves with the knowledge that some ears that taste words are always around and as such has the tendency of associating whatever we may have jokingly or angrily said to some present realities.

"I heard him when he was saying it" and the likes!

So therefore, whenever we see or hear the words: to regulate or control, we can as well know that our very selves and especially our tongue are involved! Just as we can control that car, regulate that fan and things like that; the abilities to express our selves need that as well.

        Good example: Anytime you buy a new device, there is always something to go with it if it is to serve the very purpose it is meant for. Can anybody deny the importance of instruction manuals from the manufacturers of various goods and services?

Likewise  we humans have ours too and the instructions to guide us as well. For some quick references, here are some that are related to the topic under consideration.

 “For he that would love life and see good days, let him restrain his tongue from what is bad and (his) lips from speaking deception; look even boats, although they are so big and are driving by hard winds, are steered by a very small rudder to where the inclination of the man at the helm wishes, so, too, the tongue is a little member and yet makes great brags. Look! How little a fire it takes to set so great a wood land on fire! Well the tongue is a fire and so needs to be guarded properly.” (2pet.3:10; Jas.3:4-10) That, I believes, says it all.

   So any time you come across the road sign that reads caution! Be you the driver, the passenger or a pedestrian; let all remember that our tongue is inclusive.
   Hear more and say less! Because you don’t really know who hears you. Be careful because that next person around you might misquote you and that may mean some troubles for you.

So be careful that your strength and power of expression does not lead you to regrets.

                           Once again,I say be careful!


Anonymous said...

That is a fact. We all need to be careful less we enter trouble.tanx 4 ur insights!

Anonymous said...

The way U writes gets people thinking about their lives and it ČŠ̝̊̅§ comendable but please pay more attention to your words constructions.we enjoy your work.

Anonymous said...

Without much arguments sir. Anything thing thst is free and sweet kills because we are often got carried away to some regrettable ends. thank you for this warning post, I will surely share this with all my bbm contacts.

okechukwu nonyelu said...

You are doing a nice work. It is supperb

Amaechi Ekeh said...

Thanks to you all. Enough appreciations.......

Ezennaya Chibueze said...

We just have to be careful. Sometimes it may not be the best to say it out due to some good reasons.

Ezennaya Chibueze said...

We just have to be careful. Sometimes it may not be the best to say it out due to some good reasons.