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Why stay away from actions capable of causing untold hardship to people

In the cause of our day to day activities we often come across certain actions responsible for the so many woes that have befallen mankind.
  It pains me to see many acclaimed learned individuals, when I say learned; ( I mean those that ought to know to some reasonable degree and not necessarily degree holders)  taking some deliberate but dangerous actions all in the name of (that’s the way we do it here)sm!

  Have you had this kind of rebuffs from anyone as you tried to correct their wrong way of doing things? what I mean is this; have you experienced a cold feet by telling someone not refuel an engine while it is running; telling an experienced driver to drive safely; telling a friend to handle things more calmly in his house hold; warns some one of his or her drinking/smoking habits?
 The issues above, became a concern to me when I got attracted to a scene that could be best described as purely man-induced disaster, where a building was raised down by fire which started as a result of refueling a generator while it is on by an owner of a cyber-cafe.

    When asked why he did that, he starts pointing accusing finger to one of his neighbor for causing it by means of her uncanny powers.   Wait a bit you may say; yes, the irresponsible fellow actually accused this particular neighbor because she had warned him severally of doing that—and had equally pointed out to him that: “he may set the house ablaze one day!” what about that?

        If you had witnessed or experienced some minor or by extensions fatal accidents, let truth be told, that some 98% were not without previous signs or outright warnings that was not acted upon or that were simply disregarded!
  Have you heard these rather but sad recaptures: “I or we told him/they that the sound of the engine was not good enough but were told that it has been like that and reassuringly enough that there is no problem whatsoever!” 

   Yes the above statements are no doubt what are common aftermath of some ill fated Ship, Airplanes, and Vehicles, taking with them many precious human lives just like that.   Will it not be better to be proactive on our various duties and be humble enough to accept corrections and thereby minimize much had I knows that will torment one for the rest of his life if the person survives it at all?

       Let us accept and treasure corrections, because that is the secret of life.  For when we chose to act only on our own impulses, we become opinionated and when that happens, we become stiff lacking flexibility meaning that any place we are headed to, be it towards destruction or whatever it may involves, no stopping no maneuvering, simply zombie in action. But you know too well that the roads to life have some necessary amendments requiring lots of flexibilities if one is to minimize the scratches from the walls as it were.

 Let’s not remain (Mr. know it all)  and keep things moving from bad to worse but rather, be man or woman enough  to be yielding to the needed corrections for that will make a whole lot of positive difference in your life and that of untold many others. be lauded for doing things accordingly and not the other ways round.

          Do not add to the woes, act accordingly to alleviate it and put a stop to the necessary areas we can humanly.
                 Thanks for your time!



Oni Sam said...

That is a very nice job! please keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Amaechi,honestly this is enough to be a full time job. keep it up my man.

Amaechi Ekeh said...

Una do well oooo!!!

Uche Duk said...

My dear you are right.