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Amexlifetips uses monetizations of different types which includes but not limited to the following:
           1. Affiliate programs
           2. CPC/CPI   programs
           3. Direct Advertisements and other legitimate ways.
What this simply means is that when visitor (s) indicates an interest on any third-party ads of choice that is displayed on this blog and makes a purchase from the merchant's site, a commission would be credited to this blog which helps to cover the expenses arising from the blog maintenance and updating.

Another sources of income is non-coerced donations which some visitors chose to do out of their free will in appreciations for the articles here, using the donate button at the down left side of this blog powered by does not sell any products directly to anybody but depends on the various sponsored ads from ads servers and links for income. While we do accept and run adverts for third-parties, this blog does not promote or display ads related to adult contents of any type.

 We only deal with ads servers with choices of ads preferences to the site owners. With this therefore, be rest assured that you would never be misled into clicking on ads that will be offensive to you at any time on this blogs.

Policies On Contents And Comments In This Blog

While I may be responsible for the contents on this web blogs, I however do not take or claim to know it all nor to be taken as the last authority on any topics appearing on this platform because I'm also a human like every other persons and is not limitless in knowledge.

Though backed up by some needed researches, facts and general ideas, how each one uses the contents of this blog is left solely on the individual's discretion. We are hereby stating categorically that, Eke Amaechi or any other article contributors to this blog are not to be held responsible for any damages arising from the use of this site and application of the contents. Cultures and personalities differs, each one is bound by how he/she consumes whatever they are exposed to. But trust me, we won't disappoint you!


Comments to this blog are not to be taken as the opinions of Eke Amaechi but purely that of the commenters, though enough mechanisms has been put in place to curtail any excessive or offensive comments. If you feel offended or have some strong feelings about any article you are exposed to in this site, please contact the site administrator using the contact us form to have any issues properly addressed instead of publicly displaying your anger.

Best Practices:

In all, we are committed to giving you nothing but the best contents that we believe would be of help in handling or getting you exposed to some impressive issues in life.

Promote the platform if you find it interesting and do remember always to notify us where we are not getting things done rightly.

We are here because because we know that you are there! Let's have the hints properly and respectfully expressed.       

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Anonymous said...

Sincerely I'm impressed with this because I like it when people are sincere with what they do and how they go about with it. Thank you very much sir and I pray that this platform grow and become one of the leading sites on the internet. John from Uyo.