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About Me

Ekeh Optimist Amaechi

 My name is Ekeh Optimist Amaechi and I'm here to tell you about myself which I believe would go a long way to foster better engagements  and a bit of more confidence while going through my works here. So you are welcome to my blogs,

Amaechi is a talented writer and blogger who has given his expertise on many platforms and he is damn good in what he sets his hands on.

He is a story writer and has the natural flares of turning sometimes, even serious arguments into a narrative humors just to dowse the tension.

 He is a young man who understands the value of using the day to day happenings around him and the real situations of life to come up with stories that enlightens others making them to look at things realistically.

Amaechi enjoys telling his stories profitably, wrapping them up with the day to day experiences of living, in such a way that it touches people realistically moving them to make the necessary changes that would benefit them in various ways in their lives.

He had also discovered that it comes with many benefits because people love listening to him as they draw vital lessons from his natural and realistic outlook of things which had earned him a nickname as a young man with many natures!.

 I'm of the opinion that no matter what a person chooses to do in life, as long as he has enough beliefs and confidence in it more than every other persons, with assurances that what he is doing is ethically acceptable, such person is certain to make something reasonable out of it, no matter how long it takes or how apathetic some may be to his works.

 My job here is to help people see what this life is by means of story telling. Yes, most of the posts in this platform may not look factual on the surface but when read with deeper understandings/meanings, you would be sure to exclaim wholeheartedly of the realistic gems available in there.

Why A Writer?: 

I writes because I love writing and believes in writing just like I believe in life.
 Another way of describing writing is living. When you writes, you lives, and when you live, you affect other people's live positively even to the extents you may not even be aware of.
 I will still tell you more of the reasons why I write as we move further into getting to know each other very well.


 I'm a Nigerian. From Ufuoba Agbabor Isu, Onicha LGA Ebonyi State. I live in Lagos. The third of seven children, three brothers & three sisters. I have about four other step brothers and sisters because my father remarried after my mother died while giving birth to our last girl.


 I don't have much of circled/walled education as you can see, but has been on a continued real life education where even the highest degree holders never graduates from, because it's a continual course of a life time. It is a school without wall. Lolz!!!!


 I love to write, read,  a somewhat social person who makes friends with people of similar interests but is very free with everyone as I can't force anybody to think like me because they too has to enjoy their own freedom of being alive as humans.

Marital Status:

 I'm married to my wife!. Does that sound too simple to your hearing? Yes, it may be because telling you of every other details may be just to spice up things unnecessarily or running some unpaid adverts for her which she wouldn't pay me for. See her here. The little thing that I 'll love to tell you about her  is that I was recently diagnosed for excessive sugar level which she was found to be the culprit. My doctor said that she is too sweet.  We have a lovely son together and are happy with God's protections over us.


 I'm a Christian and loves it when those who come to me respect me in what I believes and who I am. The issues of religious differences did not start today and we will be doing our selves greater disservices by using religions to antagonize each other unnecessarily.
 Do you know the difference between the right and wrong, and do you know that doing things rightly to benefit each other is the highest sources of blessings that anyone can have?  If you know this, then go ahead and let your light shine before others to the Glories of the Maker of humans, the Creator of the universe, Jehovah God.

 Back To The Reasons Why I Writes

 As you can see, I don't look at writing as a profession but considers it as part of my life. My writing started as far back as when I don't even know how to spell my name not to talk of writing it down.

The very ideas of having something written on a paper as a minor often makes my day and which I considers a great achievement even when no body could be able to pronounce the rubbish I juggles down on the papers.
 My mother was my only succor because of the continual praises she showers on me as if I was doing something marvelous.
Oh!, if only she is alive today to see how far her boy (Nnam Obajinwaekori) as she fondly calls me, has gone with writing. Anyway, she is gone and I'm still alive to do what I do today and I thank God all the same. Whenever I'm behind the keypads, my whole being usually gets transferred into my fingers and this is the outcome, writing upon writings.

 As a person, I can't keep count of all the pieces of papers I had written on and threw away because prior to knowing that writing is money, I used to write a lot and later use them as a rough paper with my satisfactions being that I had succeed in putting my thoughts into writing and that's all even though that I somehow wishes to keep to those sheets of papers for later  references.

 A friend visited me during those days and he saw pieces of papers littering around my small room, picks some to have a look at and got carried away with some of the interesting stories jotted in those pieces. I could still remember what he said: "Amaechi, don't you know that you should be keeping these together? please stop wasting these wonderful write ups"

 At some points in time, I even became afraid, thinking that I'm going mad, but that's just how far a real passions could drive one in life. I'm not mad after all, but is just living my life as my works could bear me witness.
 Another beauties of writing is that it lifts one up in life and forces a person to live up to what he writes. When you writes, every happenings in your life takes real meanings because apart from making it a public affairs if it's to be, many people gain from it and you as a person feel the happiness that comes from serving the public with the accompanying benefits of varying types.

 At other times though, all you get is criticisms but still, that's part of your works as a writer. Just be open minded and have them critically analyzed and see if there re' some senses to be made from there and move on.


 I live from writing for short.
 Though I do other businesses that comes my way such as fixing laptops and supplying foodstuff to big companies whenever the business comes but my major area of specialization is writing which I'm not joking with, besides it's my passion and what I enjoy most.

 Check me out here at ,, then here on Facebook is just like an outlet when the brain needs some easing out.

 Favorite Food:

 As an Igboman, I love pounded yam with Egusi soup stuffed with vegetable and dry fish, Rice with delicious stew and fruits all make good combinations for me.

Views on Money:

 Money is good and is a very good companion if one has the right perspectives of it.
 Whether much or small, money can serve any body well but if misused due to sheer greed in it and what it could buy, it's then you see people disgracing themselves because of an ordinary papers that it is.
 Money should serve us and never the other way round.
 I need money as you can see with all the links filtering my side bars which some of my readers are finding faults with but you see, all those links have their purposes and that is how money is made, through varieties of means and choices. So just as in real life, focus on what interests you most and overlook the other excesses.


 I am politically neutral.  I respect and obey any party in government and gives my supports by paying my dues to them in all the necessary areas.

 I like sports especially football but it never disturbs any of my works as whatever I do takes precedence over recreations which has its own allotted times.

My Overall Views On Life Is Very Simple:

 Do not take anything to be overly important that you ends up neglecting the most important areas of your own life which others might not necessarily be seeing.

 This could be your spiritual life, your marriage, your children's need of your time, and last but not the least, your true values as a person.
 When you have all these secrete but most important areas of your life well protected and taken care of, your worries in life becomes less to some great extents and you are bound to live admirable life.


Anonymous said...

Oh! This is lovely. Nice to meet you. Keep up with it sir.

Amaechi Ekeh said...

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day today and always.

Anonymous said...

Great for giving me an opportunity at least to hear you speak! Nice to have you do what you are doing here. A K P. From Ghana.