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Endure The Pains Of Having The Wound Treated Instead Of Allowing It To Fester

conscience is an open wound
fiercely pointed at.

In a bid to have some things protected, some of us actually go too far thereby causing more harms than good either for themselves or to others by extension.

Does it really have to be protected the ways and manners with which we are going or seems to be going about it? In the first place, does it really have to be protected?
For instance if you have some wounds, it is expected to have it properly treated and protected against germs by having it dressed and covered with bandages along with other necessary medical applications for some quick healing.

But sometimes though, some chose to have the wounds fester instead of enduring the pains of the treatments  which usually lasts but a while.
In fact no pains as a result of any treatments lasts for longer than necessary; what usually prolongs the pains is late or no treatments at all.
when an injury is left untreated because of the fears of some temporary discomforts, it often turns into permanent sickness which spreads to other parts of the body and can even result in death of the individual if care is not taken.

Accumulated Injury

So it goes with that which we might be covering either for oneself or for others.
The pains can never go but simply becomes bigger and bigger with time until we are left with no other choice than to do what we would have done long time ago, ie' to have the causes of the unending pains uncovered and allow the accumulated dusty particles to find their ways out and in exchange with some fresh air to come in and naturally have the swollen part restored back to normal.

This enables the individual to gain more strength and experiences because he may have been limping for a long time under pretense and can now be of real help for the inexperienced ones.
He has to because it's not an easy thing to walk for years with an injured leg without being noticed by the others who are with or without injuries on their own.

  Confessions they say, is good for your soul but certainly a disaster for your careers.

It's true that you may have gained enough experiences with time while battling to walk with an injured leg in the pretense all these while!.
Do you know what? It is deception all through because you may have no doubt endured a whole lots in life while trying to suppress the guilty but Pricky conscience that has kept flogging you all these while.

Again all in the name of enduring instead of taking the necessary steps to have the conditions quarantine so to say and have it treated accordingly, many people unwittingly play fool right into the hands of some silent but destructive habits of emotional unintelligent instead of reasonable steps that could have meant a lot for them and their loved ones.
have it treated faster
Could that be in a marriage, between tight friends, colleagues in the offices, business partners? Name it-- Any where! Nothing but appropriate actions are required.
Though it is good to pamper yourself or others but certainly not every time because if the sickness is left uncared for, hardly will it go and that means some perpetual pains/discomforts for you.
Yes! Many a time, what we need for our steadfastness is nothing but tough handling, if not, that which has been dragging us down hardly loosens its grips on us. ---And that calls for some pains no doubts but it is worth enduring.

Are you tired of where you are standing or sitting even while being envied by those who are mere observers, those who are ignorantly wishing that they were you or want to be like you?
Why not tell your self the hard but simple TRUTH and take the needed actions because you owes it to your self and no one else to tell the truths and face the facts which means your life.


Anonymous said...

You are sounding more like a pastor on this very post. I can see, conscience is an open wound, the more it says without being given the needed attentions, the more it festers. Your points are well understood.

Amaechi Ekeh said...

Thanks. Though it's never all about being a pastor but knowing what to say and how to get it across.