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Never Get Easily Swept Off Your Feet By Life Unending Bargains

Opportunity lost can never be regained! It is over once it is gone! If you miss it you have no chance again! Do whatever you can to beat the deadline because that is the last set!
  Have you heard the above words with the exclamation marks before? How did you feel and what impulse did it arose in you and with what eventual results? were you carried on or carried away with fears and all the what ifs in the world? Good!
You are reading this because whatever that may have entailed, it is all over or they are probably gone by now. And now that it is over, what about you?  Whatever may have been the outcome individually, please let's put it all aside and assume that we lost the imaginary chance to scale through. But the simple truth is that we have not lost! We are still the big contestants in the game as long as we are part of the living!
  Whatever may have been our various report cards, please weigh it with this quote of Thomas Carlisle when he said “the block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak becomes a stepping stone in the pathway of the strong”. You are alive today and that is enough reason to be thankful. Remember that trials provide an opportunity to grow, not to die. Just remain ever strong and never get easily swept off your feet with life unending bargains. It's been around like that for ages.

    Obstacles reveal what we truly believe in and who we really are. In fact, they introduce us to ourselves and give us opportunity to prove our genuine qualities. In the world we are privileged to be in, you are not permitted to possess what you don’t pursue. And you know what that means, don't be deceived by obstacles for they are not all bad. In fact an opportunity’s favorite disguise is an obstacle. Rise up and meet it accordingly, don't allow what you can't presently get to deny you the many you can get, for with it you can then aim and go for that which is presently out of reach.

    Years come and go and that’s the fact; but the most important thing is for us not to get overly carried away pursuing some unattainable / empty goals that at the end leaves one wondering of what he had used all his times for.

 Think about this: that which you take for granted are being searched for by an untold number of your fellow humans. And what on earth could that be? You may not know because you have not carefully looked inside. When you do, remember to tell others so that they too would be motivated to act accordingly. In case you don't know by now, let me tell you that there are marketers all over the place who are bent on selling it all to you....., just anything as long as you can part with your hard earned money. 
           My little advice for you is to be wise and be bold enough to face life as a man or woman while you look up to God for the ones that too difficult for you to handle. 


Anonymous said...

Hello mr Amaechi. I,m of the opinion that you take this up from here and move into a full time proffesion. Contact me for more helps.

Take care.

Amaechi Ekeh said...

Thanks for your time. just keep reading

Anonymous said...

This man, you are really a writer no doubt. I enjoy your works keep it flowing::::