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Effective Parenting Techniques For The Modern Day Parents (Part 1)

Good parenting
Good parenting
 For the greater number of people going into marriage today, the number one reason why they do that is to have children. Others are into it just for companionship without any plans of having their own children and they do no wrong, after all it's a personal choice.

This post is mainly for those who are into marriage with the hopes of raising their own children and those still planning to do just that. Others may also read for the purpose of education. Happy reading:

 While it is said that there is no job that is more important than being a parent, there are actually other important factors to have in mind about child rearing.

Raising children to become responsible adults in the society has never been an easy job right from time, more so in this age of technology which has changed almost every thing in the ways of child rearing around the world.

Being a proud parent that every Mum and Dad want to be is such that is certain to consume a chunk of time and resources whether they want it or not, because come what may, (except if the couple chose to be irresponsible,) their offspring must be given the best of attention!

Just like marriage itself, many write ups has been dedicated on how to make it work better because of the multiple challenges arising from living together as husbands and wives with children under the same roof.


Likewise when it comes to how to raise good and responsible children, untold number of books has been printed with many suggestions offered and still the needs are on the increase because of constant changes on how things are done the world over today. No thanks to growing vices all over the world because of changes in values.

Some Hard Realities Of Being A Parent And What To bear In Mind

For a certainty, being a parent comes with a whole lot of uncertainties and frustrations which tests every bit of one as a person but nonetheless, the rewards are huge for those who are bent on making it work.
Mother and child/
 It is often frightening to embark on any project that would take one a long period of time to complete with constant reminder of how one is doing being served to the person all along the way.

 Raising of children is such that span a long period of time that once a couple sets their legs into it, automatically, an 18+years agreement is signed into law!

Whichever or however a couple chooses to go about it either makes them successful or leaves some dirty references behind whenever their names are mentioned.

Giving birth to and training of the children is never what anybody would go into just because others, even if the mates are going into because it's not a child's play considering all that it involves and could cost a person.

 Already, marriage alone is such a big commitment even without children not to talk of when there are those to be taken care of from the cradle up to the age of becoming a responsible adult in this world of uncertainties.


 Taking care of pregnancy up to the time of delivery is even enough to make some people want to change their minds from the whole issue. It's isn't not just an easy project at all, to be sincere!

So anyone who is going into marriage with the intentions of raising children should be ready to face the multiple challenges that comes along with it. But hey! it's not an impossible task if not, you would not be reading this now.
Mother and her daughter/
Being a parent is not a competition and no one should be envious of others on how they are training their children or overly critical of the children themselves while they are picking up all the necessary rudiments that would gradually add up to make them responsible adults in life.

As adults, we have all been there and know to some extents, all that it took our parents to grow us into what we are today. So in addition to all that has been written about child training, this blog post would be certain to lend it's own clear directions on how to raise responsible children that the parents and others are sure to be proud of in the society at large the world over.

 Workable Tips For Child Training That Every Parents Should Know And Apply


How often do we hear about some parents who are said to be 'no nonsense types?' Good to know that no none would want to be a father or mother to a nonsense child, but some children are close to that definition if not more than that.
You see, those kids are just what they are, kids, and shouldn't be forced into something else if not they would get exposed to things from another source to our utmost dismay as parents.

Children are bound to do some certain things at times which may be awful to the hearing of others but sometimes the way the thing is handled may exaggerate it or have it turned into a practical lesson for both of you.


 Don't expand every little misdeed of a child and make it look like the heaven will fall if some minor or major things that a child did, which could still be corrected, is something else. Know that no one is faultless including the children who are still learning.

Play With Your Kids

It doesn't make you look childish but rather makes you bold before them and fosters friendship. If you can still recall, in a paragraph above, we made mention of not being competitive with the training of our children.
playing with kids
Effective parenting/
 One parent could be having more time playing table tennis, football, running around with their children, another may not be that good in such areas but may be given into reading, singing, and dancing or doing other things with their children.

 For one thing here, they are all doing their best but in different ways and no one should judge them on this because the children can always grow and choose whatever things that interests them.


But as far as the above sited examples is concerned, the most important thing is for the parents to give their children the best they could in terms of quality times with them doing whatever they can do to make them happy.

Help Them To Have A life

We want our children to be educated and excel in school activities but some parents go to the extreme doing this.
Child training
Spending time with children/
 The rate of different activities that are sometimes loaded on the minor children often leave them highly exhausted and some end up not being able to put their natural talents into use just because the parents can afford all the extra curricular activities which the teachers may recommend.

Do not over stretch these children for they are still children with years of life ahead of them to experiment with life and what it has to offer. Help them to drop whatever school activities that they are not comfortable with and look for a way to fill it up with other ingenuity of their young creative minds.

 For sure, they are lots of advises from different angles concerning the best methods to train your kids and make them useful in life, but must you follow them all? how many can you apply since there are endless?


 Be wise and let your kids enjoy their life as well because they are also created to live and have a breathing space just like you. Do not take all the advises because it doesn't work that way else you may likely end up bringing up confused children as adults.

Being Yourself As Parents
You were once without these children and now that you have them doesn't mean that your life is tied up with a rope even though it looks highly like that.
quality time
Some quality time away from children/
 As parents and especially mothers, there's this natural feelings of 'oh my baby' such a lovely this or that', we know but that shouldn't get you so bottled up that all your life turns babyish just because you brought some people into this life.

 Once in a while, give yourselves some threats and get refreshed and reinforced before continuing with your compulsory services as it's termed.

 Do you know that you doesn't own their lives to the levels you often think you do?
Hey! learn to live your life once in a while away from the ever pestering kids if you do not want them to become kids for life!

This involves not being overly protective always trying to know what the kids do at every point in time because you are surely not going to be with them in all the places they would go in this life. So learn to balance your levels of attachments with the kids and on time too.


Do not let your love for children over take that which you have for your partner because, with or without them, you still have your life to live as husband and wife who has vowed to love each other come what may.

Don't Love Your Children Excessively

You may rephrase the subtitle with a suitable one but my point is made there. When you stepped into parenthood, you were damn certain that serious works are involved; some of which you would do with some smiles on your face and others with stern looking faces.

In some few but straightforward sentences here, Know this: There are really no secrets to raising a happy child. Parents need only to do one simple thing and that is to stop doing those things that would for all times keep their children pleased!

 In all, it's to be mixed with love but often time how much love one shows may have some negative impacts on one's children if great cares are not taken.

 Take the issues of discipline for example. If every mistakes gets covered with love, be sure to continue with that for the next 18 or more years and well into the child's adult life! There are some areas in life that doesn't require that excessive love as far as child training is concerned.

 The areas of money management, important school activities, taking care of oneself such haircut, tiding up their rooms and being made to apologize to someone e.t.c.

These are some important areas that if a child is loosely handled in, all in the name of 'I love my child' of a thing, much damage would be done because life is not like that in reality.


In as much as you would like to help them correct their mistakes by being straightforward, do not forget that they are still looking up to you with love and  affection not minding those few moments of some inevitable misunderstandings between you and them.

 Appreciate them when they do something impressive as they often do. Praise and give them that hugs because they are dying to have your reassurance that you still love them. Love doesn't kill a child but beware not to render it counterproductive.

 Can you give your children some respects? Please go ahead and do that because they are also humans like you. Don't fall into criticizing them on every little things that they do, but find a way of talking things over with them at some other times based on their ages.

Keep Your Fears To Yourself

We have all grown to see how fearful almost everything in life is. While it is true that we have to safeguard our minors from falling victim to some dangers, we however would not want to incapacitate them from taking some risks and learning from them.
child training
Practical ways of raising children/challengingtherhetoric
 If all that we fill our children's minds with, are frightening experiences of   'do not do this, or don't touch that' etc, they may grow up with such implanted fears and that could affect their over all development in life.

All About Children Training

Though we hope to write more on this topic of child training as time goes on, one thing we need to have in mind is that, all children are not the same and also our condition varies which effect the way we do things.

 Training of our children is like learning a new skill; no matter how the trainer may instruct us and wish us success, there are definitely many decisions that would be left for us to make on our own because of our varied circumstances.

As for the children, we want to humbly admit this very fact and that is, no matter how we may teach them and pride ourselves with experiences, there are so many things to learn from them in return and that is just life because life without some continuous learning processes isn't just worth living.

So let's teach our children and be humble enough to respect them on the process because we are also learning some vital things from them as well.

Consider how easy it's for them to forget whatever frictions you may have with them or some misunderstandings with their playmates. Does that not teach us some vital lessons about forgiveness and being forgiving?

 The children also comes to the fore with some already made experiences with the ever changing technologies of today and so many other things that they do with ease and of which we stand to learn from them even as the adults.

Give The Children Something To Grow Up With

Give them opportunity to live and enjoy life with you and keep at bare the extents at which you yells at them because they may wrongly be programmed into believing that yelling or shouting is the only way to get what one wants.

You and I want nothing but well groomed and responsible children that would grow up to become responsible adults in life, the work is not an easy one but with determination and good examples from we the parents, we are sure to reap the huge rewards that comes from giving our children the best possible training ever which the bible alludes to when it says at Proverbs 22:6 "Train a boy or girl in the way to go; Even when grown old, would not depart from it" (highly rephrased for you to look it up yourself)



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