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Should Parents Apologize To Their Children For Being Wrong?

apologies to children
Be parent enough to accept your mistakes/
Oops! I got this wrong but how can I scoop so low before the kids and accept my mistake? Anyway I will just pretend as if nothing much has happened, after all they are just little children. Wrong xxx!!

Some parents say this to themselves and act it just as said but it's wrong and they would not be doing their children much good by not being sorry and bold enough to accept their mistakes.

We correct our children with words of mouth but they learn a lot from our behaviors more than the spoken words. Simply put, our behavior is the strongest model for our kids. If your kids are to be well behaved out there in the public, much works would have been done by you at home.

When it comes to the issues of temperance and how we relate with others, our children are often serving as the self appointed referees even though not empowered to issue any yellow, red cards or to punish any players for foul plays. The point is that they are just there observing and learning from every moves of their parents.

No matter how the parents may pretend before their children, one thing always stand out to show that they are not God and that they are prone to mistakes, as a results of this, it serves them well to admit this fact without any form of shame because it helps their children to accept theirs as well.

Being bold to show some remorse over what we wrongly did as parents helps the children to learn that no one is above making of mistakes and that it is a sign of maturity for one to own up to his mistakes by saying sorry to those they may have wronged.

As I mentioned this,  I felt some bits of guilt because as an adult, it is not always easy to say sorry over things that we did wrongly but if we want to impart this humble attitudes into our children, we have no choice than to stand up immediately and start practicing it before our children catches us unawares.

If we are quick to apologize when we do something wrong, we will be helping our children to see that it's not belittling to admit to being wrong and as they grow up, being firm to accept their mistakes would not pose any challenges to them.
children and parents
It brightens the kids when we accept our mistakes as parents/
 The more we are quick to apologize when we re' wrong even to our kids, the more they will see that it's not belittling to admit to being wrong themselves. Saying sorry doesn't take anything away from anyone! This is a basic truth we know as adults and we have to help our kids to develop the attitudes of saying sorry to those they wronged.

Avoid Taking Things For Granted

If someone offends you and comes back to apologize, it is expected that you forgive the person and that is what we want our children to see in us and imitate but while doing this, enough cares should be taken that it doesn't loose it's values in the eyes of both the parents and the kids.

Saying sorry to those we offended is something that we instinctively do immediately we became aware that we had stepped on their toes and we need to help our children to see it that same way.

 The active parenting periods are indeed some excellent time that parents learn most of the things they don't know while teaching their children all the necessary things that they want them to know, investing your precious times in these series of parenting techniques is surely going to be an investment that you would never regret as we hope that you will do your best to follow things along as necessary.

Remember, being a parent does not make a person immune to mistakes, therefore let all that we want the children to know about making of mistakes and accepting of our wrongs by apologizing be something that they would proudly say that they learn from us, their caring parents!

This post is in the series of Effective Parenting Techniques  


Anonymous said...

Amaechi, there's no doubt about it that you know what you are doing here. Thanks so much and do please keep it coming because all these points are helping we parents to stand up to our duties in doing our parenting jobs well. Enough appreciations sir!

Mary from Yaba Lagos.

Anonymous said...

Enter your comment...This is a good tool to all good parents who cares for good up-bringing of their children, morals matters alot in this wicked system of things that lack good morals. Parents applying this advice will make us a strong, meek and loving parents, not weak parents. Big brother Amaechi weldone work. Am Ejike Vera, from Enugu.

Anonymous said...

Ejike Vera, you just spoke my mind here. this person deserve multiple awards!His works here entails all about life's major concerns and I love this platform for that. Eunice from Akure!