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Are You Giving Your Teenagers Enough Space To Explore The World Around Them?
A teenage girl boyfriend visiting at the wrong time/
We can't hide it any longer than view it as what we all did as teenagers. Though we may not come out completely open with all the details, at least for some reasons best known to us individually.

Growing up comes with a whole lot and some of these things should be left for the children to experience by themselves while the adults only  make sure that all the necessary protocols are always to make sure that things doesn't go out of hands most of the times.

While growing up as the children, to be sincere with ourselves now as the adults, there were things we kept to ourselves some of which never got to the ears of our parents till the present if they are still alive.

And now as parents, do we expect to know everything about our kids especially those of them in their teens?

No matter how we try, we may just be fighting a loosed battle and making things more difficult for ourselves trying to know every bit of what the growing kids know and may be doing.

So to be happier, we need to be or play ignorant of some of their ways as would lessen our heart attacks in some ways.
 The simple truth is that you can't double cross your teenagers because they are likely smarter than you at that stage of their life just as you were to your parents back then.
 The only thing that would be of help is doing your home work properly when they were little younger in age instead of now trying to bend a dried fish.

Take Some Looks At The Following Vices:

1. Your son experimented with drugs and has also said to be offered some cigarettes by his peers which he probably

succumbed to but never told you and besides you have no evidence to prove that.

2. Your teenage daughter was said to have gone further with her boyfriend and also views porn related materials with other vices included. etc.

These are just two scenarios that could get any parent fuming and breeding fire of what would come upon their teenagers who were accused of such. You know what? You won't achieve much results with that whether it took place like that or not.
helicopter pareniting
Helicopter parenting won't help either/
 What if you finds out, what are you going to do? No matter what you ends up doing, you won't do what every other parents before you have not done.

 So the best you can do to prevent that from happening is not to lock your 26-year old daughter at home but to spend enough time with them when they are relatively younger and have them trained with good principles found in God's word the bible and help them to make it their own and not to be viewed as what their parents say.

Express Some Level Of Confidence In Them

Confronting your children at every thing you hears about them is good because you want to protect them from any harm but you should be careful and thread with caution so as not to give them the impressions of being overly protective and too privy to their life.

 If you are too concerned every moves they made, be sure of damaging your relations with them because you will be taken as an enemy instead of lovely and caring parent that you are trying to be.

mother and teenager relations
Be careful less you will be causing much damage/
 So when it appears to you as if the kids are getting out of hand, just play cool and remember that they are just being perfectly normal teenagers that you passed through in your own time.

 Again, if you had played your roles very well as parent when they were younger, even if they now seem to be driving too fast to your own assessments, just take it cool and be rest assured that if there's any issues that is difficult for them based on what you ve' discussed with them, without asking them of it,  they on their own would bring the disturbing issues to you to assist them with.

When you learn not to make big deal from everything you hears about them, they too will grow to appreciate what you are doing for them in terms of the level of trust you have in them and they would be doing their best not to fail you.

Give them the opportunity to grow up because they must grow up and live their own lives different
from yours.

 Like the picture image of this article, the teenage girl wouldn't have felt ashamed that her boyfriend is visiting at the wrong time if she had been open about her relationship with the young man at the door.

As parents, we better not worry ourselves excessively because these are the same children that we had spent years with right from infancy till this stage of wanting to explore the world further. It's s all about growths and the parents should take it to heart.

 Give them the needed respects and freedom while you desist from hampering their growths in any ways imaginable.

They will respect you for not regularly looking over their shoulders though it's unlikely that they will say it open to you, but the time would surely come when they would appreciate you in some ways that you would never had imagined.

It's true that you don't know about some certain things that your teenagers would be up to at times, but do not let that disturb you overly much for it's just part of life which you lived when you were their age.

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