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Parenting Challenges Of The 21st Century And How To Manage Them

Parenting challenges of the 21st century is indeed getting harder than ever as children are now proving harder and more wiser than their parents. Being a parent these days is a very big work that calls for multiple tactics if a couple is to have a fair story to tell about their experiences.

A 64-year-old man who narrated his experiences said that 'parenting comes with multiple challenges, mixed blessings of various kinds but.......certainly not for the fainthearted'!

 Many parents who had passed the stages of training their children are all of the same opinions re-echoing what the father of four said above.

For those who had gone through that wonderful experience, we are happy with you as we hope to emulate your fine examples in successfully handling that God-given assignments of bringing up the kids to well rounded adults in the society . It's certainly not a joke to pass through the 20-years project and stand tall to relate one's experiences.
Congratulations!!!!! once more for achieving that feats.

Please feel free to give other parents some clues on how you were able to successfully do that because passing through that road in this time and age is indeed challenging to the core.

 As parents, if there's any thing that had lasted so long in our memories, I think it's the knowledge that we all yearned for freedom from our parents while growing up as kids.

juvenile delequency
A health worker advising a teenager/
So far, so good, many of us had made it as grown ups and not only that, greater number of us today are fathers and mothers to their own children who are also expected to grow up and live their own life.
 But before that becomes a reality, the big question is, are there challenges to be faced and if there are, what are there and how do we go about them?.

Well, relax because the article you are now reading is certain to provide you with some workable guidelines on dealing with the 21st century parenting challenges successfully.

To be candid, it's going to be a thug of war! but nevertheless, it can be managed but it all depend on the parents; but one important factor here is being sincere enough to remember that it wasn't neither easy for our own parents while we are growing up.

Parental Concerns For Their Children

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 Parents definitely do a lot of work to protect their children from harms but most of the times, they are misunderstood and are considered to be waging a lost battle at most.

 Apart from being stubborn, some children often stop at nothing to have the taste of whatever they see their peers doing without minding the costs, even if there's any cost, they are usually confident that their parents would stand up for them, but at times however, the sad consequences do leave the children with bitter tastes in their own mouths as well .

Parents are always concerned when their children start developing interests on things like, drugs, smoking, taking things without permissions even when it's not stealing, playing truant, having sex before they are of age and doing so many other things that are common with the other kids.

The advent of the modern technology is not helping matters in any way as it has now placed more powers into the children's hands thereby turning their parents into novices.

 Because of the possibilities of the modern techs, some parents are now at the mercy of their teens to keep them abreast of some major and minor happenings around them.

modern technolgy
teenagers with their mobile devices/
For an average parents, trying to stop or monitor their teenagers from all these interests and vices has been described as standing in front of a moving train. Clear out of the way or get crushed!

Put simply, the challenges are getting harder these days and some parents are beginning to ask if they are to push harder or just to let them be and allow them to suffer whatever comes out of their excesses.

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 Well, while it may not be as if parents are losing the battles of training their children, with the realities of the time we now live, we just have to, unless it's apparent that the children are putting themselves in some serious dangers.

It's highly obvious that we cannot force on them what we were trained with as children, but nonetheless, we can try our possible best for them while according them the needed respects by respecting their privacy and not looking under their mattress per say

Training the teenagers these days is like killing an insect that is biting one in the wrong place, too bad if it's in the public.
The more you try to keep your teenager on the right, the more they push through alternative routes and if you press harder, you end up losing the battle completely as a parent.

The wars between parents and teenagers these days are just like the one between the thieves and the police, terrorists and the armies.

But the war between parents and their teenage children could be won with proper negotiations and deep understanding from both sides.

 When parents learn to follow them with enough maturities and patience by not forcefully using their powers on them, the teens would sense it and reciprocate accordingly, only that it requires enough patients and consistence.

tech age
Practical pictures/
 It's true that time has changed and applying the methods that our parents used on us, some of which did not even work on us, using the old methods on the tech age children may not just work.

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 You probably yelled at your 5-year-old child and got him to do what you wanted, but doing the same thing now that he is above 10-years of age, may simply get the yelling back to you and you can't do more than flog him,  which also become outdated with time and the unwanted behaviors keeps increasing.

 Parts We Have To Play As Parents

Come what may, children must be children thereby giving ways for the teenagers to behave like the teenagers and that's just it! No matter how hard you try, you just have to accept the fact and make do with the knowledge that the adolescence age is when you need to work harder as  parents because that is when you stand the greater chances of either winning your children to yourselves or loosing them to the outside influences.

 If you had acted like the boss in times past, this is the time to drop your Cains and belts and arrange your chairs for a continuous round table discussions because shouting has had its day years back. Start negotiating and learn to apply that same tact which has kept you providing for them from the offices or whichever place you are working.

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The days of theories are gone, and now to be replaced with practicals. If the children were used to seeing pictures of those smoking cigarettes or that of other vices, now they would be given the offer practically along with all the consequences.

Heart to heart talk should replace all the former ways of interactions between you and your teenage children because just like a molded block, the shape you are able to give them now would stick with them in this drying process.

Again, now even as an adult, you could still remember that there were things you kept away from your parents and didn't go as far as revealing to them, now for the fact that you are now the  boss so to speak, please do not be hard on your teenagers if not you may end up not getting what you want from them. 

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Handle them with the greatest care and try to be open as much as you could because other coaches are outside there ready to have that done free of charge and you know what that entails.

 Remember, these children are not going to pass through this stage again, so postponing your works does not come in at all. It imply leaves one with no choice rather than to embrace up for the activities.

As a father, there's a stage to take over the training of your male children to have them groomed as a men and likewise the  mother over their daughters. If we do the best we can as parents, we would be rest assured that they, the children will not grow up to disgrace us but instead of that, give us real peace of mind for having done the best we could for them.

That would be in some direct opposite of the words of proverbs 17:21 which says in part that 'The one who fathers a stupid child will experience  grief' That should not be our lot as we take care to have our roles as parents played adequately in the training of our children.

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