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Guard Against Over Pampering Your Kids

Over pampering our kids could lead to growing up with excuses filled lifestyles which would not help them much in life.
Pamper your kids to the limit /
As caring parents, much works lies in our hands with regards to the extents we go in making sure that we are not leaving our children's needs to chances and at the same time, not overdoing things. We need to guard against over pampering our children.

 When it comes to protecting our children, we should be very careful that we are not otherwise rendering them incapable of living life as an independent person of their own when grown up.

Training them to have an active work lifestyles starts from how serious they take their school works now. Major reason why the early starts is never to be joked with.
You may have probably noticed while in school that there were some children who miss classes a lot due to one health problem or the other and it was pretty normal because the parents approved it and took that as a protective measures to keeping their kids from contracting additional illness from the school or their health conditions deteriorating while in the school.

That is normal and every parent owes that to their children to keep close watch on them when not in the best of health conditions.

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We are caring parents if we take enough cares of our kids by making sure that anything bad doesn't happen to them but when this protections becomes unnecessarily much, our good intentions may likely turn sour and at the end of the day. By being overly protective of the kids, some parents had ended up doing more harms than good to the children they were trying to protect from harm. 

How do I, Or What Do I mean By This?

If at every slightest cough or headache you keep the child out of the school, be prepared because days are coming when the child would be forming all kinds of excuses just to avoid school; if he hasn't yet started due to your over pampering.

Over pampering our kids could lead to growing up with excuses filled lifestyles which would not help them much in life.
Know when to allow this /
 As unimpressive as this may sound, some parents are usually the culprit in this aspect. Most adults form the habits of constantly taking days off from work whenever they have some slight cold or fever and their children grow up to imitate them.

For sure, and it has been proven that if a person have cold or whatsoever, stopping work for the day ain't going to cure it and going to the office would rather do the person much good than staying at home.

This part of the effective parenting tips is a shared one because both the parents and kids are sometimes guilty of this funny but serious problems in the household, as a result of this therefore, the parents should try and step up their good examples in this areas so that the kids could emulate them.

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So as parents, let's do the best we can to always turn up for work when something serious is not happening because the kids are watching and besides, it's part of the training we impart on to them. We should desist from giving them the false impressions that the world is to come to a halt because of one minor headache or cold.

If the kids are always kept away from school because of some little flu both real and artificial, when they grow up and has to work under a boss, their overall performances would be hampered by series of absentees from work.

It is a proven fact that those who seldom stay at home because of illness has been found to be more fit and better off in health than those who always feel sorry for themselves. Let the children know that it pays to keep fit than pitying oneself all year round and at every slightest forms of illness.

Some parents may come up with some arguments of preventing the spread of the germs at the school, but where did they pick it up from the first place?. Think about that.

 Keep those excuses away and get your kids to the school, after all it's part of learning which consists  of mingling together as children that they are. Their immune system would be stronger if they are constantly up with the other kids at the school.

Over pampering our kids could lead to growing up with excuses filled lifestyles which would not help them much in life.
Allow the children to mingle at school/
 Train your kids to know the importance of living an enjoyable life just like the butterflies that freely live their life flying to places of interest unlike the caterpillar which goes through life hugging and sorrowing all it's life with nothing much to show for it.

Keep the kids at home and give them all the necessary attentions if they are really sick but do all you can to shield them from growing up thinking that excuses can be given at a whim for a day off from school or work.

Give the children a very good start for work life and see them grow up to give you back in quantum all that you had spent time imparting into them.

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