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Marriage - Marrying And Staying Married Despite The Challenges Of Marriage Life

Newly wedded
Newly married couple/
Call it the happiest day for the couple and you wouldn't be far from the truth but the question is, how long does the happiness last?
Marriage is an institution that has lasted more than every other things in this world apart from life itself. In fact, every one alive today owes their names to one marital union or the other. Are you married or planning to? Well that may not be all that important if you are not interested in getting married after all  it's not a must that everyone should be married.

The issues of marriage is such that when one raises it, a whole lot of different stories will begin to come out both the favorable ones and the bad ones alike making those that are yet to marry either to hasten things up or to damn the whole ideas of getting attached with anyone all in the name of marriage.

As an institution which is culturally acceptable around the world, marriage has carved a niche for itself as the best contract that any two individuals or more can ever get into. No doubt many people are getting married these days almost on daily basis as against how it used it to be back then when it was only only on Saturdays.

Mondays to Saturdays even on Sundays are now all days for getting married and each of these days have on the average over a million marriages contracted around the world.

People are happily getting into the union for various reasons such as having children together, close companions, proofs of maturity, peer pressures and so many reasons there are to getting married.

Various Reasons For Getting Married And The Effect On The Marriage


No two marriages are equally alike and that is why different marriages usually have their peculiar challenges that at times when you try applying the methods of mr A into that of mr B, more problems are often created on the process instead of solving the existing ones.

 The reason being that the two marriages may be contracted for different reasons which may not be publicly known to others except the couple involved.

It is a common notion and beliefs that when two persons get married to each other, the next thing for them is to start having children right away, after all the main reason why people are getting married is to raise a family of their own.

 Well, that may sound reasonably so but it's not always the reasons for getting married as many married couples didn't do that sorely to have children but just to keep each other accompanied in life.

Others who plan to have children may not even want to start immediately but wait for a while to have some things put in place before settling down for the over twenty years projects of giving births to and raising children of their own.

 But doing this usually present its own challenges because peer pressures and parental influences often cause the couple to get into what they are not yet ready for and that sometimes raises some dusts in the marriage.

Though it's good to have children in the marriage but it is always better for the couple to have one mind and not a surprise pack which some women are often pressured to present to their unprepared husbands.

So for couples to retain that love which brought them together in the first place, it's usually better for them to stick with what they agreed on before tying the noughts otherwise that would likely set the tone for some unending frictions in the marriage.


For a couple to get into marriage and stay married to each other, they must be clear with their reasons for getting married in the first place. Getting married because others are doing so is siting on a gun powder and being pressured into marriage is another childish act that those who want to marry and stay married would want to avoid.

Again when true love exists in a marriage, no one will do anything funny to jeopardize the peace in the family and besides if two persons who has agreed to stay with each other come what may, are true with their promises to each other, it's surely going to keep them binding to themselves till death do them apart.

Why Stay Married In Your Marriage Against All Odds

It is true that many marriages are in disarray today because of varying reasons which cuts across all religious beliefs and ethnicity around the world. But if I May ask,  must yours be counted among those in disarray?

Granted that the reasons why so many unions are falling apart in the world today is on the increase but they are still some who have held on tight despite the heavy winds from various corners lashing against the marital institution.

 Those strong families no doubt serve as evidence today that your own marriage, my own marriage, no matter what challenges it may be going through can definitely outlast the challenges. What do you say to that? I'm sure we can both make it happen.
Unhappy couple
An unhappy marriage/
 Recently most of the advises we have on various platforms is 'If he raises his hand against you for any reason whatsoever, take your leave' but what if it's the other way round, she raising her hand against him?

 You see, DIVORCE was never part of the original marital laws but was just meant to safeguard the individuals from taking laws into their hands which sometimes ends up fatal due to lack of self control in either of the mates, but it's certainly never the best option for a couple who have vowed to remain with each other for life. In fact, it's the betrayal of the highest order!

 Looking at things logically, the reason why you are married as discussed above may be different from the reason why I'm married but the fact here is that we are both married and are therefore committed to our mates, that should be enough reason why we can do anything there is to maintain that commitment. It's a bond never to be taken as bondage you know.

What To Consider Before Saying Yes To A Marriage Proposals


Do not fall easily into any marriage proposal if the form of the contracts involved is not clear to you and more especially if you don't have real love for the individual.

Beauty and strengths does not last forever in the marriage.

Money may not stay for all times.

 The expected fruits of the wombs may not come as envisioned.

The children may come and place strains in your relationship.

 The In-laws may be the issues to contend with.

The question is, when all these problems begin to surface in your marriage, where would you be? Will you allow the challenges to take you off your feet or would you maintain your original commitments to your mates and call those distractions their real names?  Food for thought.
marital challenges
Crisis in a marriage
 Again how we got married to our wives and husbands may not be the same because Some are married traditionally, Some did court registry and entertain few friends after, Others are in pre-arranged marriage, Some did white wedding as it is called and had enough foods and drinks to go round for the thousands that graced the occasion, Some of us are into marriage due to the  result of our uncontrolled behavior in getting loosely with ourselves which resulted in an unwanted pregnancy, Some are legally married and Others are not.
Marriage gatherings/
 But the question now is, who are you to each other irrespective of how you made it together into that mansion or hut and with or without children of your own? For sure, your are known as husband and wife and so it should be except otherwise indicated!

 We are simply married, and because of that, why can't we take some necessary steps to make the marriages stay instead of compounding unnecessary problems for ourselves? Mostly so since none of the ways our marriages was contracted serves as the yardsticks for how strong it becomes thereafter.

Steps To Make Our Marriages Stronger And Have It Secured

Take these steps if you are finding it hard to get your marriage back to how you both started and how you want it to be:

Look him or her straight into the eyes and remind each other how you began

Replay those funny activities which you enjoy together when the going was good

Remind and reassure him or her of that acts which may have been forgotten but which really struck a cord between two of you in those days, that you still values your companionship irrespective of how age or hardship may have changed things. Yes, no matter how wrinkled those veins are now, that it changes nothing but has rather added more values to your love for each other

Give him or her that surprise peck and make each other feel wanted

Desist from taking your quarrel outside because your quarrels is meant for you and not for the outsiders, quarreling is a must among even the best of friends, brothers and sisters, among family members but most especially among husband and wives.

Would you stay naked before any other person who is not your mate without having some level of shame in your face? likewise it's when you regularly go about discussing your marital challenges in the public.
good marriage
Marital happiness
 You don't pack out of your house just because it's leaking but rather get the services of a good carpenter to fix it for you.

 How you project your family is what people see outside. It is no one's duty to probe you of how you are managing your family affairs.

Do all you can to protect it because it is your home and not that of the others not even your parents or any other one else.

And as if saving the best for the last, put God first in your marriage and have all your challenges/concerns always lay bare before him and he will be ready to help you do whatever are necessary to secure your marriage.

Practically, I'm wishing you more fruitful years in your marriages as you take the needed steps into making it stand.


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