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Qualities That Make Good Leaders And How To Develop Them


Qualities that make good leaders. It is an inborn tendency in every normal human, irrespective of the gender, to lead people even if not as a sole commander, at least to be recognized wherever they may be and orders taken from them to have some certain tasks accomplished.
 No wonders that the word: BORN TO RULE had become a saying that virtually everyone want to be associated with. Inasmuch as true as that may be however, there are bound to be for certainty, greater many that would not make it to limelight after all.
 Few among these numbers that would not make it are people that ordinarily have all the qualities of good leader but still could not be able to attain the goal due to some lapses in them.

   Take for instance in a small setting, say an older person  in a group with average educations but lacks the qualities that are needed in a leader, such as patience, insight, humility, and courage etc, if such a person is to take the lead in whatever it may be, how do you think the organization would go?
 Headed to the rocks no doubts!

 But many times it may not really be such conspicuous qualities as the above mentioned that really gets a person off the admiration of the people to lead but some minor issues and factors too slim to be noticed by many and sometimes even by the person himself.

 It could be in private life of the individual in question, some ingrained habits that may have eaten deep into the person’s nature and may have become somehow difficult for him or others to do if anything about it now that his leadership attentions are badly needed.

You may wonder what that could be. Well, think of some vices like greed, gossips, and hatreds for some of the people he is to rule which is somehow inevitable, you know, but which should not become apparent for others to see and many other hidden vices of that nature.

 Such lapses could be likened to having a he-goat change its body odor to win a competition, which you know without being told that such an event is as good as lost already.

But we are humans not a he-goat as it were; therefore what can we do to be useful to the others if our services are required at any given time in our lives for the benefits of all that are involved?
Be it in the office, at home, among my peers, in the organization that we belong to and virtually in any where it comes.
Be a friend


 A person may be said to exhibit all the qualities of a good leader, but what happens when it is discovered that he does not really deserve such a post in the first place?

 One’s ability to handle things should be evidence in the ways he does things even in privacy.

For a leader to truly qualify to lead, he must have been leading inconspicuously well before coming to the limelight where he is considered as a leader.

 When it is obvious  to others and the person in power so to say, that what appears to be happening in the organization that he is said to be leading are just mere stereotyped occurrences and that most of the reasons why some certain decisions are taken were just to cover up for the lapses created, In such a situation, do you think that it is the best  to move forward with such a person at the helm of affairs, when you know that it is rarely the true fact and yet your supports are required to have it continued in the same dubious ways?

 Certainly not! I used the word dubious because that is what it simply means when a person keeps quiet where he is supposed to talk, either out of fear or for some personal gains.

 A good leader is not inconspicuous. He should be open to the people he lead and must be a slow walker in the hall in a sense.

What I mean here is that he should learn to accommodate others in his busy schedules. He should also be an expert in filtering what goes into his ears and be clever enough to detect those who want to put others down and therefore use them as bridge to cross over to the next level in the organization. This is a very good resources to read on this topic...Leadership: Theory and practice, by Peter G. Northhouse

Feel like shopping? It is all here!

 Good leaders should be open to suggestions that works or sounds better even if it is coming from a junior worker. He should not dominate the conversation in a meeting, and should leave the ground open for different suggestions to be weighed and brainstormed accordingly.

    Good Leader Must Be People's Person
 Being friendly with your workers shouldn't be taken for a weakling boss/leader, but a sign of being accommodating majorly for the benefits of the common goals of the firm and also for the individuals as you cannot run a successful company with the people you doesn’t have good rapports with or those whose concerns mean nothing to you.

 Work ethics should be followed at all times and lapses be reduced to minimal levels always; this means that whatever causes bending the rules as it were, should be fixed and enough deterrents warnings be given as humanly possible to curtail some future happenings.

It is a common thing to see people hurriedly doing things in the morning just to avoid getting late to the office and risk being sacked.
 But if you really belongs to the company and loves the part you are playing, what on earth would make you want to take your job for a joke? It is one thing to be among the workforce in a company, it is how however a different thing altogether being among the workers.

    How do I mean?, when you are just working simply for the paycheck which is generally acceptable, you might be tempted to become dissatisfied with what you are being paid and when that happens, chances are there that you may start showing it in the ways you handle your portfolio which may eventually lead to relieving you of your duty due to the wrong way you passed the right message.

 That is a wrong way too much to follow things in your working place if really other causes are not involved such as having another better offer elsewhere or planning to leave because of reasons best known to you; especially if the working conditions are favorable to you.

  If you run the risk of being sacked from the office apart from any of the above reasons, what I am going to say next might not sound too good to your hearing but it is still the fact.

 If really you are satisfied with your job but fail to play your parts well enough and to the satisfactions of your boss, you are not qualified for the offer in the first place. If more over that you are constantly being reminded of what to do in getting the same thing done over and over again, you are not being helpful. Because in any level you find yourself in the company, your ability to lead, direct and to follow instructions could always be at the fore.

  And so it goes that, what most of us fails to understand is that what we do in what seemingly appears to be another person’s job or company, has a way of reflecting back in that which eventually becomes ours.

 In other words, as long as you still depend on the company for your bills but still work with a slack hand in your assigned duties, chances abound that even if you eventually starts a company of your own, your-easy-going habits would definitely rear its ugly head to the detriments of your organization.

 Untold opportunities to lead eventually, are always waiting for us in any firm we are working with no matter our present levels in the workplace, but it is highly dependent on how we are able to follow the instructions we are receiving at the moment.

 It could be in the very company we are presently work with or in any other and perhaps even ours per say. The way we followed the directions and some valuable lessons we may have learn could really become invaluable at the right time.
Good reasons why we should never take our duties lightly at our various places of work. Remember we are discussing qualities that makes a good leader and how to develop them.
   Entertain Fewer Distractions

 So as long as you belong to any organization, no matter what your role may be, handle it well  because you were found capable of doing it, and if you do it freely well with less causes for corrections, the same people that hired you would see it and have genuine reasons why your promotions should not be argued.

 Even if you are not spotted due to some certain things going on which you may not know or entitled to know, then continue with your work with all honesty and learn all there is to know about your department and have one thing in mind; that is, your having worked there and allowed to continue means that there is no better person to man it the way you does, and also bear in mind that, "that which kept your boss or whoever you are answerable to where he is or they are, would one day direct attentions to your department and have you rewarded accordingly.

 Know this, no one runs the company all by himself. It is all about a collective efforts which yours is part of. In all, any place you find yourself in the organization you belonged to, and works for, use your office for the smooth running of the entire organization because you complement each other in various ways. Know this too: Your leader leads because you follow his leadership.

     Never welcome sentiment of any sort into your work ethics and try your possible best always to have your imprint in various parts that you play in the office. Do not look for comfort in your place of work for you can always get that at home based on how you build it.

 So build a conducive atmosphere at home because your overall performance at the office stems from the home so to say. Let the thoughts of your home be a motivating factor for you at the office!
 This is not a digression but the things you need not overlook for the best in all around of your duties.

   What keeps the leader going vs. what stalls his progress!

There is no doubt about it that the entire members of a company are all working with a common goal in mind. That being the case however, the smooth running of the entire organization cannot be without someone in charge!

A qualified person who is charged with the sole responsibilities of seeing to it that the whole firm work is in accordance and makes sure that the core values of the company are always maintained. So the benefits of a leader in an organization is not to be overly emphasized.

Qualities That Make  Good Leaders And How To Develop Them

 But for the leader to lead well however, some certain things has to be taken into consideration because aside from making money which happens to be the major reasons behind all corporations for various purposes, the leader does well to take note of the facts that in addition to the profits maximization, the people he leads should be his priority.

 Because without them, the organization withers, and no matter how capable you might be, you cannot run it all by yourself or depend on changing staffs now and then because that stalls the progress of any firm as a results of continuous training and re-training of new staffs, which on its own equals wastage of resources that could otherwise be channeled into developing customer base and increasing productions.
Be friendly even while discussing important matters

 So a good leader should lead by good example in all areas of the organization and should learn to delegate responsibilities. When I say this, some may not easily understand why.

Well, as a leader in the firm, you knows very well that what made you a leader, apart from any other thing else, is your comprehensive knowledge in the major areas of the services that your firm provides and as a result of that, before you can delegate some responsibilities to others, you may have handled your own parts very well by teaching them at various levels what you wants or how you desires the whole firm to be operated.

   As a leader though, you have to bear this fact in mind: You Cannot Lead Forever.
With that in mind too, be open to the junior staffs and especially those you might have seen to possess some leadership qualities that you may have been instilling in them.

 This works in two ways for your advantages as leader charged with the smooth running of the company's affairs. (a.) It affords you time to pay attention to some pressing needs, at times such as family obligations etc. (b.) You works less for more pay so to say because those you duplicated yourself in, are not letting you down.

 And to them, they are being given opportunity of a lifetime to grow in the firm and step up their managerial skills to be used in the company or their next place of work.  In a few sentences, a leader should not be tightfisted when it comes to what keeps the organization moving.

  A Leader Should Praise His People And As Well Raise Them.

 A leader should to some extent possible try to know of his people’s family welfare, for that adds personal touch to the firm; but as you do this, know that it is a two edged sword that should be handled with great care and lots of professionalism if not you would unwittingly turn yourself into a family counselor to the detriment of your office.

 A leader should be able to criticize and evaluate the general performances of his team while offering some better options to doing things better.
 Be open and yet know the limits you can go, especially when things seem somehow messy with the company as it happens at times.

 As you collectively do your various parts in the company, there is another thing that a leader should not toy with, and that is the dreams and aspirations of each person in the organization.
 He should try his utmost to show that the staffs are also humans with feelings and responsibilities like him. Periodic surprises like unexpected tips and commendations should not be down played.

  Dignify Your Staff And They Would Carry You Shoulder High.

 If it is necessary at times, let some senior ones know the true states of things in the company. By so doing, they would be able to defend you before their subordinates should they have any reasons to complain over some things that they may not be cleared about for some reasons.

 Sometimes though as if to scare staff from regularly coming to them for some upfront payments due to some family obligations, some boss used to apply a tactic that otherwise causes loss of resources to the company rather than profit.

 What I mean here is this: If you are constantly giving them the impressions that the company is undergoing some financial problems and so could not be able to risk releasing any fund as it were, the staff may not openly back out from your office but would certainly have one thing in mind, and that is, 'that his welfare doesn't really matter to the organization. And to be frank, if you are sincere with the situations, you know what that may lead to.

 Losing your seasoned staff to your competitors that would likely start them up with more than what they asked from you due to the experiences they have gathered while working with you. That to me, is a sure way of shooting ones ‘self on the legs. Do some calculations and see the wisdom in doing the right things to keep your best staff for the progress of the company.

Dignify your staff
    Some bosses may go against this saying that “they can always hire new staff”.  Good, but they could always spend time and money to train the new staff if they hope to match the strengths of their already made competitors as it were.
 So whether you are the owner of the company or is the one at the helm of affairs, you should always have in mind that the company is to adequately take care of all that are involved in making the firm to stand as it were.

 So in all, be you the manager, the middle man, or the background, whatever, know that you have a role to play in the company for the overall and smooth running of the firm. Even if you must leave the firm, make sure that you leave better than you got inn, not necessarily monetarily but in experience wise.
Make your time count and it would be sure to keep counting long after you are gone either out of the organization or out of life itself.

                                    Let us know if this served a purpose.


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