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What Really Constitutes A True Successful Life?

real successful life
Life's real success/
The real successes in life constitutes many things which different persons attribute various meanings to. In view of this, many who are said to successful in life may not be after all.
 Among the many things considered to be a sign of success in the world today are mostly things seen with eyes. To be successful in life today is more or less all about doing what many others are doing whether good or bad as long as one could outsmart others and and live a buoyant lifestyles to the sheer amazement of the admiring public; after all the end justifies the means. Everything goes as long as a person has the willpower to execute and have his needs meet by any means he deems fit. 
The popular slogan of  'Go for it if your heart inclines towards it' is the yardstick that many are using today to commit all sorts of evil and wicked deeds that fills everywhere in the world today. But real success is never all about going to whatever extreme to have your desires met.

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what success is
secular achievements/
Success is a thing of mind and people should really look at it that way if not, who ever makes a mistake in whatever he is set to do in life would always be considered a failure even when the so called judges fail to realize what might have led to that or what the original intents of the person were. People rarely entertain any reason with you for not being successful in life and doing what others are doing.

Another point to bear in mind is that there is no one without some measure of problems but the only different is how each one go about seeking solutions to his or her own. So even a successful person can be down with some challenges but one thing is that they usually fight it out with all they have. That is what make them successful.

What Success Is Versus What Is Not

1.We use to hear sayings like, a successful businessman, a successful blogger, a successful driver, banker and many more because these ones may be doing well financially with their chosen professions and are probably living well with their families. A good score sheet indeed! 

2.There are also those who are into some shady business activities like fraudulent vices of all kinds and even full time armed robbers that go about rubbing people of their belongings and even killing them at any slightest resistance. These too may be living big with their respective families.

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3. There are also another set of people with nothing to accuse of them of and are equally doing wonderfully well in their chosen fields of endeavors but with nothing tangible financially to show for their hard works. As for what they do, they are excellently successful but the present results are nothing to write home about. These ones may not be having the best of time with their families even though they are said to be successful.

 Among these three sets of people mentioned, can you isolate the one that is not successful in each of the chosen profession? The list is somehow twisted in a way making the answer to look somehow uneasy to pick, but why is it hard to pinpoint the exact one (s)? Sometimes it's often very difficult to identify real success in the midst of other likely successes.

One thing we need to have in mind here is that success is a failure turned upside down. Another thing is that, success is not all about living in some expensive environments, wearing expensive clothes and using the same ranges of expensive cars with some bigger boys. On the surface, such denote success but in reality, real success may be far from such ones as what the onlookers may be seeing are simply film tricks at best.
success in life
The two points/cflawrence
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In a nutshell, success is not all about becoming a star and after sometime gets replaced by a younger star and be forgotten. No. Success is all about having peace with God, oneself, family, friends, and having a good name to be remembered for and the course you stood for.

Most of the celebrities in the world today end up very frustrated later in life. Most of their stories end up in heavy drinking, marital discords, and drug addictions. Emptiness is usually their foot prints coupled with a whole lot of later regrets of 'if onlys' had I knows' and a whole lot of dirty stories.

If you think that it's all about how much money one has that really matters, then hear this: A one time billionaire and very 'successful' man of his generation, J.P Getty had this to say "I would give up all the money I have ever made if I could just have one successful and happy marriage!" Remember, this man was said to be very successful.

What We Should All Bear In Mind About Being Successful

Everyone of us both young and old should bear this basic truth about the so-called success in mind. While it is a proven fact that having generous financial resources may add some degree of happiness to the levels that a person may have attained in life, it's not really a foundation of a lasting happiness as most former successful people have later realized in life.

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We should all learn to set goals that are really goals and not just what we see people running after. We should not allow what people do to dictate what drives our motivation while working towards our dreams and goals in life.

 Focus and Success

 As a blogger, I have to define what I can do and give it a seal bearing my name and what I can do.

As a singer, I have to be making good musics that bear my trademark and not just what I see any other person doing or trying to copy others.

As a driver, no matter how heavy the traffic leading to my direction is, it's my responsibility to follow through irrespective of how free the road leading to somewhere else might be.

As a housewife, my concerns should be on what works for my household and not how big or small the other families are living.

As a businessman or woman, I have my line of trades to tow notwithstanding how fluctuating it may be at times. The best I can do is to understudy it and know the peak and off peak periods.

We all want to be successful in life but it's definitely not by doing one type of business or working in the same office as friends or families.

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Unless we fully understand what true success is, it would be very hard for us to attain it. If we want to be really successful in life, having good friends and associates to direct us in the right way is inevitable. It's never about money and what it could buy, neither is it about the size of your family or those that you know.

It is our resolves to follow things through and learn from the examples of those that were prior to us while remembering that beyond success of any types lies significance.

 Real success also has a lot to do with good relations with God, satisfactions of having and belonging to a caring family, a measure of good health, friends with stability. As for financial aspect of your life, the above is like an insurance company towards that.

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Let us stop looking for success outside ourselves because we all have it within if only we could search well enough to have it discovered by learning from the basic lessons of life.

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