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Marital Techniques - How To Have A Good Marriage Relationship

Marital techniques
Marital bliss/
 Marriage is meant to be a life long union between two individuals who agreed to stay with each other come what may. The agreement is always expected to be bound on the couple with only one thing having the capacity to separate them and which is death.

 Due to the nature of marriage and how it's meant to be, a unique description has been adopted for it which describes it in a more fitting terms 'for better for worst' but the short life span that has bedeviled the the institution today is making it to be more difficult to really place a conclusive tag on it, thereby moving many to wonder why the crisis related to marriage is skyrocketing everyday.

 The divorce rate on it's own is another topic entirely that when you look into the worldwide statics, you would be moved to marvel at staggering number of couples turning their backs on each other.

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 Though, divorce didn't start today, the only major factor which used to put a stain in some marriages is the death of any of the partner thus leaving the surviving mate with the double tasks of raising their children if they have any; as it is today however, other factors are contributing to the increment of some single parents families worldwide more than it used to be.
marital techinques
Faces of marriage today/
 Apart from the sad situation as the result of the death of any of the partners, the rate in which marriage is scattering around the world today is giving everyone some serious headaches that if left uncurbed may lead to the complete neglects of marital union which has kept some people together in their union despite the challenges of being married and staying married.

Moved by the divorce rates around the world, some people had been bold enough to ask if it's really possible for couples to stay together throughout their life time all in the name of being married to a particular person who may not even come from their locals or even if he or she is.

Good number of books, seminars both secular and religious has dealt on the topic of marriage severally but still, the rate of the crisis rocking the institution remain on the increase.  The problems are still on and that is why, the post that you are reading now would have been irrelevant and a pure waste of time but you know it's not.

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Apart from the general hardship of things around the world, what else could be responsible with marriage and why is it becoming more and more difficult to retain one's marital status? Does marriage has some secret building techniques that are known and applied by some insignificant few? What are those things that if done rightly could help marriage to stand against its multiple enemies?

Some Possible Causes Of Marital Failures

We need to understand that there are major differences between men and women which greatly affect how they react to things most of the times. While a man can think logically, a woman would want to go through the same issue emotionally and this often results in disagreement with each one of the couple claiming to be right.

 A man could be given to mixing up with so many people in the office where he works while the woman could be withdrawn in nature or just the other way round, if this is not given the necessary attentions to, the constant riffs could degenerate to something big and difficult to handle in the long run.

No matter the love, no two persons are ever alike in every thing. When either of you as the man or the woman knows that the person you are married to is a different person with some personal differences and choices, it would go a long way to giving each other some necessary spaces at various times in the union.

The area of argument is also another way in which friction comes into the marriage. There is no way you can marry and expect your partner, especially your wife to keep mute all through without showing up the stuff she is made up of.
marriage techniques
Face of the newly wedded/
 Many at times, that causes more problems in the marriage than every other things else; because the woman 'can't just keep quite'. She knows what she wants and that's one of the reasons she married you and not simply because you knows how to woo a lady more than every other man she may have come in contact with. Do not expect marriage to automatically shut her down on every other things that are not condemnatory as such.

Some educated young men want nothing but educated women just like themselves and when this happens, what do you expect to be seeing in such union? No matter the level of respects that the woman may have for the man, they can't just agree on every thing!

 They are both learned and each one must exert their educated influence to keep things from falling apart but which the man mostly sees to be usurpation of his headship. But if the man in the picture here knows that his wife is not merely being that assertive for the wrong reason, he would allow himself to see that the woman is just trying to play her roles in her own ways which would benefit the union in the long run.

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 In as much as we are not giving it all to the women, they definitely have some stronger instincts more than men and are always fast enough in foreseeing some possible dangers before it materializes into their true natures.

So if these are taken into consideration, it would serve as a building blocks that holds marriage together instead of allowing things to be in disarray

Some times again, the men play freely into the hands of destructive influences in their marriage. How do they do this, you may ask?

It is usually very common to be hearing from different men that they want their wives to be behaving like their mothers and in an effort to have that achieved, they send their wives either to the village or invite their mother arbitrarily to come to stay with them for no other reason rather than to train their wives for them.

 Let the truth be told, it is never the wise thing either to place your wife in the hands of your parents or even her own parents to train for you after you are married. Doing that only adds to worsen things in your marriage.

Once you are both married, do all you can to build your life together because it's meant for the two of you to be lived whether you are going to have kids or not.Think seriously around these points if you are serious with your marriage and want to make success out of it.

Another Question To Seriously Consider Is, If You Are Ready For Marriage

It may sound a bit strange to some people that not everyone would be married! Some are pushed into marriage as against their wish either by their parents or friends for their own selfish reasons. Our aged parents may want the prestige of carrying their grand children and our friends may want to entice us into it for various reasons, but does it really worth it if we are not ready for it or are not interested in marriage in the first place?

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It is all about being realistic here because none of those pushing you into marriage would be there to face the challenges it brings with you when it starts as it would surely come.

Though this is not to scare any one from marrying but the truth is that marriage doesn't guarantee happiness. Most of the happy married life wishes are best inscribed on greeting cards of different designs. Be ready to endure all or sorts of things if really you want to get married.
good marriage
Realities in newly wedded couples/
 Before you can confidently say that you are ready for marriage, you need to first of all work on yourself as a man or woman and train yourself to accept and endure any types of challenges it entails just like the car owners. Among the areas to really look into is one's temperaments.

 Think about the followings:

1. Before now, it used to be that the rest of your family members would want to eat a particular food for dinner but you may be interested in something else and somehow any how, you may have your way and go for what you want. But in a marriage where your partner is interested in something different from yours, concessions is a must otherwise pots and plates would grow wings and start flying outside.

2.If you find it so difficult to overlook things at home with your parents or siblings and whatever, know that marriage is not going to work magic, so the earlier you know this and start working in it the better.

3. You also need to really check your self through and discover your sense of purpose because no matter how you may try or pretend, you cannot suppress the nature. How much do you love your job and how attached are you to it? Some people love their jobs that every other things in their life comes secondary. If you are this type of guy or lady, you need to recheck your self and see if you can afford to share your time with a mate. So it's all about knowing one's self and seeing what you could do and not just giving others chance to turn you into what you are not.

4. We also need to know that no one is doing the other excessively big things by agreeing to marry him or her. If you don't want to marry and have made up your mind on that, please, do not marry because you won't be doing anyone favor by marrying. Again, if a particular person is not your choice for marriage, please do not go in due to pity because marriage is not to be based on pity, it would surely boomerang no matter how wealthy the individual may be.

5. Know each other well to avoid abuse later on in the marriage. Know what is it that really interest you as couple and do not shy away from some conspicuous faults at the initial time believing that time would heal every wound. No! Time would rather increase it because you didn't do what you supposed to have done earlier on.

Watch Out For Compatibility

Compatibility in marriage is another thing that shouldn't be joked with. At the earliest stage in the courtships, be on the look out for how well you can complement each other and do not go with the mere sentiments of not crossing the bridge until you get to it.
marital techniques
Not crossing the bridge until you gets to it/
  At least know to some reasonable extents how well you are fit for each other by taking into considerations how he or she relate with family members and again do not trade your principles merely for love because you should be ready to overlook whatever you overlook during the courtship in the marriage itself.

When a guy or a girl is constantly getting fed up with people they spend few hours with on the daily basis, how much more with the person he or she is going to spend the rest of their life with? If you love your parents, make sure that your love either for your husband or wife does not conflict with that and also try to be in agreement at the levels of your attachments with balanced.

 Funny Facts About The Women

Initially when you are new into the relationship, it's usually this way for the girls: 'I am tired of this house, they can't allow a person to do this or that....very soon I 'll be leaving here for you and have peace of mind', when I gets to my sweet heart's place....all these would be over!!!.....etc.


The above sentence is funny because the same girl would be certain to deny her husband some rights all in the name of not being allowed to go and stay some weeks or days with her precious mother and do most of those things she used to do before this marriage that has now chained her in one place. But you see, that's just life and it has been like that.

In all, being married entails much more than most of us ever imagined. All it calls for is being deaf and dumb to your former self and try as much as you can to do things and be in agreement with the man or the woman you married while you do your best to limit outside influences into your union.

Wishing you all, HAPPY MARRIED LIFE!!!.....        

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