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Fairly Used Clothes And What We Should Know About Them

Second hand clothes
Okirika dealer in a Nigerian market/
 Fairly used clothes. If it's to be, about 98% of the populace are guilty of patronizing second-hand clothes popularly known as Okirika. It is not a secrete business as the dealers are mostly seen with their wares displayed at conspicuous places at the markets where it enjoy wider patronages by virtually all classes of people, the rich, middle class, and the poor citizens.

People go for these used clothes for different reasons which ranges from being cheap to getting more better materials than the brand new ones which according to them are always inferior compared to what they get in second hand markets.

They may be right and the reasons for that are not far-fetched because most of the developed countries where these clothes are imported from; take serious steps in making sure that what the textile industries in their countries produce for their citizens are nothing but the best.
Nairobi second hand clothe dealer
Second hand clothe dealer in Nairobi/
 This is also one of the reasons why those clothes always retain their qualities even after long usages by the original buyers, who either exchange them for newer ones or donate them out to the charity and orphanage homes. But sad to say, third of the clothes donated for the orphanage homes usually end up in sub-sahara African countries.

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Again and to be candid, sizable quantities of these used clothes are also a big business in countries like the US, Britain, Italy, Germany, France, and other developed countries, where it is traded in a win-win situation with lots of people exchanging cash for their used clothes and this is a big business that people do and which serve it's own purposes, ie' getting those high quality materials across to the third world countries at some affordable prices!.
Mumbai used clothe dealers
Second hand clothe dealers in India/
When these used clothes get down to most of the African countries where the business thrives, it is usually greeted with good patronage by all classes of people ranging from the white collar job staff to the ordinary man in the streets and funny enough, with some removing the clothes they are putting on and replacing it with the one they newly bought without knowing the health issues that this might present to them.

What Many Doesn't Know About Used Clothes

With used clothes come the spreading of various human diseases with some of them defying all medications and treatments. All skin diseases and other sexually transmitted ones pass through body fluids such as sweats, blood, semen, vaginal discharges, and urine. I don't need to be mentioning them one after the other before we could get to know the seriousness of what is being discussed here.

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 The fact is that all skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases could be conveniently transmitted through some previously used clothes. Please do not doubt this because all of these diseases has been discovered in clothes of people with these infectious diseases.Further to this,Hepatitis A, B, C, D and G could all be transmitted through second hand clothes.

Used underwear market in Zambia
Used Underwear market in Zambia/
 As sordid as this can be with ordinary wears such shirts,trousers, short-nickers, skirts & blouses, some even go to the extents of buying previously used under-wears like Brassieres and Pants all in the names of being cheap and of high qualities without knowing that they are inviting problems to themselves in the long or short runs.

It is true that things are changing all over the world but what many failed to understand or even care enough about is the reason why some changes are taking place in their health or that of their relatives and others by extension.Most of the diseases today could not just be attributed to the signs of the last days but to our lifestyles and how far we have disregarded some basic sanitary. Pardon me for digressing a little here.

What We Not Know About The Infected Used Clothes

While many people prefer buying used clothes even though they know the risks involved and considers it as what they can handle, one thing that escapes their notice is that some of the infected clothes become more harder to separate or remove the bacteria in them with hot water and some regular detergents. Some also in a bid not to spoil the texture of their newly bought used clothes and to retain the beauty, sparingly use warm water and other detergents for the first wash.

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 Another bitter truth here is that most of the bacterial causing diseases in those used clothes are not easily eliminated by hot water and other conventional methods such as ironing. Even after being washed using various methods, some stubborn bacterial eggs and parasitic organisms could still live and gets transferred to the next person when he or she sweats in the clothe.

What Then Do We Do?

The issues of used clothes did not start today and neither is going to end today even with various diseases associated with it on the increase. It has become part of us due to some varied but understandable reasons, it therefore behooves on us to always take extraordinary measures to protect ourselves from some strange diseases that are not traceable even up to our fifth generations backwards.
Skin diseases that could be contacted through used clothes

The Following Steps Can Help In Some Tremendous Ways

1. Wash used clothes with up to 37 degree hot water with good antiseptic and detergents

2. Avoid buying used under-wears if possible, but if you must due to some reasons, take same step as the above and never mind even if the elastics could expand more than the desired measurements.

3. Stop trying a newly bought used clothes on your body even with another clothe on if you have not taken the appropriate steps.

Further Health Tips Away From Used Clothes

(!.) As a general rule, never share your undies with another person no matter how intimate or closely related as some bacteria could be transferred through that method, just like as it is not good to share toothbrushes.

(!!.) Wash your underwears regularly and sun dry instead of leaving it in the bathroom to dry by itself. Even if you have washing machine, always make sure that your undies pass through enough heat before using them again after wash.

(!!!.) For students in a hostel or those in a public compounds, please do not hang your undies in the public where another person may mistake your own because of being the same color.

(!!!!.) For all, whether men, women, or children, our clothes, whether brand new or used wears of all types should always reflect cleanliness of the highest degree as that goes some long ways to improve our health generally.

Whether White or Black, we all know the danger associated with the used clothes of various types. Let's be wise and handle things with caution irrespective of how bad the economy might be.

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