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How To Maintain Clear Focus In The Midst Of Many Distractions

How to maintain clear focus
Focus at work/
How often do we see things done differently in life by different persons? At times it could be how an individual speaks, how he chews loudly while eating, how he walks, and other things that he does which to every other persons may be so awful that we can't imagine ourselves spending time together with such a person for long.

 Funny enough, if that same person could be asked to give his opinion about how you do your own things, no doubt, there must be some things about you that are likely to be putting him off from you which he may be overlooking just like you silently do to him.

You are sure to hear what he doesn't like about your particular ways of doing some certain things and that's a fact about everyone of us.

 But despite all these, we have not gone our separate ways nor stopped interacting with each other just because we do things differently. We still manage ourselves and do things together to some reasonable extents.

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 Wonder why such has been the case? It's because we are made to accommodate ourselves irrespective of our differences which by extension, are the varieties which the life thrives on.
focus on wheel
Distracted driver/

It pays to manage ourselves well and at the same time focus on whatever we are doing in life and do it for the benefit of all that would be exposed to it any how it comes, especially if your works involves some kind of public services. So no matter what we may be doing in life, there is always the needs to remain focused and avoid causing injuries to the others unnecessarily.

Why Remain Focus Despite Our Individual Differences And Choices

For instance, we complain about constant traffic jams on the road and we detest going late to our offices, yes and that is because we want to do our best in our given works which is good.

 But how would you feel if you come out any day and didn't see any body on the road except your only self? Good enough, you are with your own vehicle and the road is very free for you to accelerate as you like because there is no other person to hinder your movements.

What will you do in such a situation? I guess you you wouldn't bother doing any other thing else than to reverse and face the way home as quickly as possible before making further inquiries as to what might have happened.

 The point is just clear, we need each other notwithstanding that we constantly complain of our individual differences, which some even go to some extremes in avoiding.
Our individual choices and differences are also seen in the markets whenever we go there to buy things of our choices.

 For the reason that we have what we want to buy in mind, which is definitely not every things in the market,  that doesn't mean that every other shop owners that is not dealing on what we individually  have on our list are to close their shops.
 It simply rest on us to maintain our focus and get what brought us to the market and go our way while leaving every other perceived distractions to others as we may term it.

 While going on your own way too, you are bound to be hearing many discussions going on between people which doesn't concern you, or even if it concerns you, no one called you into it, at least not for now and in periods like this, what do you do? Simply keep moving because your audience/contribution is not required, besides you have other important things to do with your time.

Another good scenario is the present article you are reading. As you look side ways, what do you see?
 Many advert links competing for your attention but how many of them have you paid attention to?
Probably one or two, or even none because what you are reading is more important to you than any perceived distractions on the site as they may appear to you but which is not so to all others.

I have heard many people fault the ideas of having ad links on blogs and websites, but does it really have to be when you know what brought you to the page and what you are looking for.

 LINDA IKEJI has lot of people subscribed to her blogs as regular readers, in fact they are even known as LIBR and they have no qualms with the ads of various types scattered on the side bars, but some who go there once in a while are busy finding faults with her choice of marketing which she doesn't force on any visitor to her blog.

Life can't be without distractions but even as that, what do you allow to distract you and for what reason are you being distracted? We would all be sleeping on our beds if we don't want any distraction but we know that doing so would mean the distractions of the highest order. We must face the distractions if not the distractions would face us and also force itself on us.

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 Do not expect things to be free from other related distractions and worries, because there has to be, there must be and has been, but it's our individual responsibilities to sought things out and make our ways through with less scratches by following some proven laid down rules meant for us to navigate through this life with less distractions.

When we know where we are going, no matter how rough the road may be, we must surely make our ways through if we remain focused and not allow other less important and non-related matters to confuse or distract us. Accidents happen and things happen for multiple reasons but most of the happenings in our lives were perhaps as result of what we  allowed ourselves into due to some cravings.

 Our training in life is ongoing till the very day we die. We were children only once and having grown up as adults, must we still be led by hand when we are not blind? The earlier we stop giving excuses and starts taking up responsibilities for our lives, the better it will be for us. That calls for following proven directions.

 Other people will continue to do things the way they has been doing it and would be making progress in their lives; but too bad for any one of us who would be busy serving as a self appointed referee to the footballers who are busy playing according to the rules of the game with victory on their minds.

Benefits Of Having Clear Focus

  When you focus on where you are going, you are sure to get to your destination, not at any time but on time.

When you are focused, people will respect you and know that you have no spare time for frivolities. Once you makes that clear to them, they will leave you alone and direct their attentions to those with unclear directions in life.

When you are focused, you draws God's attention to whatever you are doing and by extension some godly minded individuals would be sure to be drawn to you because you are in tune with what they themselves are doing.

Focus does not mean being shielded from distractions but a person with focus refuses to be distracted.

When you are focused, you have less reasons to enter into any problem. Fact! You will be too busy to hear what doesn't concern you and that serve as a shield for you.

In all this, if we can learn to live our life the way it benefit us without minding what other people are doing with their own lives as long as no one's ox is gored,  we would have less causes to trouble ourselves and live a carefree lives while maintaining clear and definite boundaries with our fellow others.

 How To Manage Distractions And Maintain Our Focus In Life

 We need to have clear focus in life but at the same time be open to some great opportunities that camouflages itself as a distraction. Not all distractions could be categorically termed distractions as some has been discovered to be reminders at most.

 If we are wise and focused in life, we would then desist from being highly opinionated and learn how to accommodate others in life because our fellow others are the real exams that are used to show how capable we are in managing ourselves while maintaining our focus in life.

Focus Are The Reasons For The Followings:

The need for being and remaining focused cannot be overly emphasized because that is the reason why most of us are doing what they do today.

 The reason why a plane can take off from one end and land at the other.

 The same reason why we drive through traffic jams and get to our destinations.

 It is also the reason why most of us were able to come out from schools with good grades.

 The same focus has kept us till this very moment and could possibly be what brought you to this article on focus.
How to maintain clear focus
Focus while reading/
Distractions are not necessarily to be removed from our road ways before we could boast of remaining focused, no if it's not there, distractions would also not be.

 Nothing good comes easy and nothing is worthwhile if it's not difficult. Let this post serve as strong motivator to prepare us to face whatever challenge that may come our way in life. Be Focused in life!
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