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Some Wonderful Effects Of Laughter That You Never Knew Exist

There are many benefits of laughing
Laughing improves your moods/
 Wonderful effects of laughter. Why can't you be serious for once? Don't mine him; that's how he is always laughing like a Jackass. That's what we sometimes hear with regard to those who laugh freely most of the times.
Those who laugh often, are sometimes mistaken to be fools because there are too many things around us today that make laughing look like being foolish. But come what may, people must laugh and apart from eliciting others to laugh because of some funny things, there are genuine reasons why laughing should not be taken as mere expressions by those who has nothing serious to do with their time or taken as those who has no worries in life.

Laughter is good and should be commended even under some intense situations when the last thing that comes to one's mind is to laugh. Why? you may ask. Well the points would become clearer as we proceed with this post. Hope you are already laughing!!!!!!!

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 We have heard it sang in the different songs about the reasons why we should laugh over things just to clear the heads of the things weighing up in our minds and to move ahead in life.

 In fact, most of the musics that addresses the needs for people to laugh and forget their sorrows often sell in millions, not just within the released period, but as long as people hear it played.

Being happy go hand in hand with laughter as one cannot laugh heartily without being happy. So happiness begets laughter and laughing has been found to address multiple problems that affect humans.

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 We Laugh For The Following Reasons:

1. When we are excited as a result of something good that happened to us or others.

2. We laugh when we are happy.

3. Laughing is also as a result of being in a happy mood.

4. We laugh when our good expectations are met.

5. We laugh when we are happy and also laugh when see something that made us laugh.

Laughter is a general language that every one alive recognize. It is called a universal language.

 But apart from laughing because of the above reasons, laughing has been clinically found to be healthy and discovered to address some health related problems. First of all, laughter is the best first aid as it helps to enliven the pains of people in all kinds of difficult situations in life. Put simply, laughing is good.

 Reasons Why We Must Regularly Make Out Time To Laugh

 Do you know that laughter has power? In case you don't know by now, it may interest you to know that the Scientists have discovered that "only half minute of hearty laughter is worth 45 minutes of static rest". Also it has been found to be a great form of exercise.

 According to a Polish weekly magazine, Przjaciolka, " A spontaneous burst of laughter is comparable to three minutes of aerobic exercise, whereas ten warm smiles equal ten minutes of intensive rowing."

 The benefits of laughing is much as it has been found to include a threefold increase in the amount of air drawn into the lungs, as well go with other benefits such as, improved circulation of blood in the body, improved digestion of the foods we eat, improved brain function, metabolism, and also eliminates harmful substances from the system.

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This has really shown that most of us don't even know the many benefits that accrue to us by laughing and when we constantly maintain a happy mood, we are unknowingly improving our health. Therefore make time to laugh. The Bible itself has said it long a long ago that laughter or happy heart is the life of the fleshly organism.
good effect of laughing
How common is this type of scene in your life?/

  The magazine we earlier quoted offers the following suggestions:

 1. Put yourself in a good mood

2. Smile at yourself, learn to laugh at yourself

3. Make it your priority to smile at your loved ones first thing in the morning.

It concludes with this often ignored principle; 'Try to find the good side of things even in difficult circumstances."

 Though there are reasons to be serious with what we do because laughing at times shows us to be less serious with what we are doing, therefore, it calls for us to know how to merge our daily activities with the good effects of laughing. Also, when we laugh, we should equally do it moderately to avoid being taken for a mad man or woman.
Laughing improves your health
Get something to laugh at/
When we apply the power of laughter in our lives, we stand to gain much benefits both health wise and otherwise.  For certainty, there are some wonderful effects of laughter that some people never knew really exists.
Start your day with laughter and see how bright it could be for you.

For sure, I know that most of the readers of this post will not waste any time practicing the suggested. Do not be shy about it, laughing, smiling and all other happy modes certainly works like magic in some ways that we never thought possible.

Common go ahead and let it out for good and spice up your relationship with your wife, husband and children.

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