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Reasons Why Some People Suffer Unjustly

determination is the king
It's all about the courage to dare/
We are all interested in living and enjoying our lives to the full despite the untold challenges that life is filled with. We want to achieve our dreams be it spiritually or secular and stand out among the rest as those who have accomplished their desired goals in life. 
 In order to have that achieved, many people would be bound to come in and go out of our life as we continue to fight our ways to the top irrespective of who agree or disagree with us while we are busy with our mission undeterred.

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 While this could be said to be surest and the best way to achieve our dreams in life, many others are doing just the opposite by calling it quit when they ought to have held on just a little longer even against the public opinions.
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succeed or die
Success is not an option/
 In fact, it is becoming too easy for some people to call it quit in life simply for not getting what they set out to do within the shortest period of time. At the slightest sight of difficulty, they are off!

 In essence, most of us set up their time limits and not that what they are working on is no longer working. This is one of the major reasons why there are many startups everyday with good number of them having the same fate of being abandoned halfway for yet another one and continuously like that.

If properly examined, we would find out that there are still more than enough works to do and have it done properly with enough satisfactions. Simply put, many people lack the determination to succeed in life and that is too bad.

 We are responsible for doing things halfway and no matter how some of us may want to argue on it, it's simply not true that we hadn't played some hit and run games in some previous engagements that would have gotten us to where we suppose to be earlier on in life if we had we stayed longer.

 One of the easiest excuses that we have all over the places today is this: "We are struggling to survive"! But may I ask, when have humans not struggled? Was it during the dark ages or during the pre-flood periods?
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 Right from time immemorial it has been from one struggle to the other and that did not stop our forefathers from doing all they could to survive their peculiar challenges while bemoaning their own shares of the hard times.

 Why Things Has Remained Extra-ordinarily Difficult For Some

We are in a difficult world no doubt and the reason for that is not far fetched, Satan is for sure the culprit and the brain behind all sorts of hardships that people are passing through in life right from when he was driven down from heaven to the vicinity of the earth. He is very angry with humans, God's servants especially because his days are numbered.

 But even as that, most of us believe that God is an all powerful and have the ability to thwart the wicked one's plans against his faithful servants, I agree and probably you concurs, but how come God's cares for us appears somehow divided and unequaled?

 Does it mean that God is being selective, choosing some people to favor against the others? Never! That is far from the truth. Far be it from the true God to act unjustly.

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 Then what's the reason why the four tires on the vehicle are not matching up with the speed of the engine, so to say? A big question with some complicated but possible answer you may say.

You see, most of the problems we are passing through in life are man induced and by extension self made problems. We often find it easy to recite some verses in the bible, like John 5:17....."My Father has kept working until now, and what about the son? the verse continues..'and I kept working" As you are still busy musing over that, see also this clear instruction recorded at 2Thessalonians 3:10 "If anyone does not want to work, neither let him eat" What are we saying here? very simple, something has to happen before another thing takes place. Do your best, no matter how little and make yourself a candidate of God's blessings.

Things are hard but none of our knowledge of the said sad situation could match that of God and Jesus Christ. When the above verses were written down, none of us alive today were there to question the statements but we are today witnessing how true those inspired words are.

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 No need to be explaining this further but that's just for us to see that some things are required from us, not just anything ordinary, but extra ordinary, at times if it calls for that. We don't have to overload Satan with all the blames imaginable, because God and Christ are equally busy counteracting the Devil's wicked works against the obedient ones.

So we can only make our relationship with them more intact by remaining obedient to the fine instructions recorded in the bible. When we do, the rate of our complaining are bound to reduce just as it would if we obey other fine and life saving instructions recorded in the same bible such as staying away from immorality and all the rest vices that are rampart among the sons and daughters of disobedient. Acts 15:29 "To keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols and from blood and from things strangled and from fornication. If YOU carefully keep yourselves from these things, YOU will prosper. Good health to YOU!”

 When we are obedient to God's commands, our expenses reduces as we may not have to spend money treating ourselves from sexually contracted diseases or things of that nature. It is just that simple!. The above bible portions had them in details.

Being Persistent And Flexible

Nothing good and lasting comes easy, we have not only been hearing this but has also been seeing the resultant effects. If we are to make any headway in whatever we are doing in life, persistent is the watchword.
reason why some people suffer unjustly
Very clear to see/
We may have our preferences as to what we wanted to do in life, either because of the courses we read in schools or for some personal reasons, but what happens if what we had expected is not forthcoming? Yes, for the fact that it was very easy for Mr A, may not make it to be so with yours.

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 Even if you could eventually succeeds with it, what is requiring from you may be a bit different from the prices that others before you paid to have the same thing; but one thing is sure, you may have it but more effort is required due to some certain things which you know or may not be privy of, so don't give up.

If after all these and yet you still see yourself not making it as expected, what next and what then do you do? Is that to be taken as the end of the world? I don't think so.

 Instead of justifying yourself against God for not making it work out for you as you have wanted it, could you try your expertise on something else or even if it requires that you get additional training on something that could possibly lift you up in life?

 What if it's something meager but at least better than nothing? Before frowning your face on this statement, why not re-consider the sentence before it which said: "even if it requires that you get additional training on something that could possibly lift you up in life"?
Get the point here and see where flexibility comes in.

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It is not working we know, but not working at it would always leave it not worked. A popular musician of late memory puts it this way: "If man no dey work, e no dey see work". That sounds a bit muffled but the meaning is quite clear. It's difficult for a man that is not working to see any work.

 That little or much effort that we regularly expend on that very project is sure to give some expected accounts of itself sooner or later if we retain the needed pushes.

Hear this from a woman who has been blogging to promote her business for three good years without much to show for it but whose business suddenly explodes beyond her widest imaginations:

 "I was just getting wiser for the past three years not knowing that I'm preparing myself for something as big as this. Thank God I did not quit when it all looked like mere work, work, and work with no hope, but I believed in what I was doing, just a single month sales has given me what I didn't get in three years of much effort put together" You see, persistent paid off for her and her case is just one out of millions.

 Run If An Offer Seems Too Good To Be True

No one enjoys hardship of any type but what makes difficult conditions look like as if it's enjoyable is that a person has to pass through it to get what he or she want in life.

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 For instance, all over the world today both online and offline, many scammers are making some huge markets swindling the unawares of their hard earned monies all in the name of some magical and unproven ways of making billions over night without doing any known works. (even as that, you don't have to be because it takes a greedy person to fall victim to such. but if you have been, I hope you learned your lesson)

We all need this money, but must it be made any how? we want to equally succeed in life but for it to last, contrary to what some people say, money can and be made in numerous honest ways and with peace of mind.

Success with money must be a well calculated success that comes with peace of mind. Another reason why I say that we should run when an offer looks pretty cheap was because of my own experience while looking for a platform to monetize my blogs some times ago.

I applied for different platforms to have their ads placed on my blogs, some were really hard to come about because of their strict requirements whereas many others were relatively easy and some extremely easy to associate and partner with.

 My experiences with those platforms taught me some vital lessons of my life as I almost lost my blog to one of the easy platforms with promises of heaven and earth. It doesn't really worth it if does not.

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 Things are not easy and that's what make them interesting because it further proves how truthful God is. The earlier we get to know that things are not easy, the earlier we stand up to confront the hardships squarely.

 We know that it is not easy and that's a very good knowledge but it should go beyond that level to doing something about it. Knowing that a vehicle is heading our way is one thing but taking precocious measures is where the knowledge benefits us.

Let us stop using the discouraging words of things not being easy because we know that it has been tough and is continuing so. Repeating it is like adding fuel to an inferno.

We can always do the little or much we can as individual as long as we try our best not to step on anyone's toes unnecessarily because of the same hardship.

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The last lines:

 If it is in the power of man to stop hardship and suffering, it could have been forgotten long time ago and the reason for that is not far-fetched, it is not just in our hands to do that, instead, the more we try to bring peace as humans, the more havoc we cause. Therefore, let us leave it in the hands of the creator himself to have things rectified as one who have the right to do so for the ultimate benefits of obedient mankind.

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To be honest with you sir, this post got me jumping and thinking deep at the same time. May God continue to add to your knowledge and wisdom.