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Aba-Ngwa The Industrial Hub Of Nigeria Soon To Take The Whole World By Surprise

Aba Mega City Mall
Aba mega mall/
 Enyimba city! That's the name that the ancient city of Ngwa land is called. Aba Ngwa is no doubt a very big city in Nigeria with well known manufacturers of various wares in Nigeria. Call it Nigeria-China and you would be hailed because that describes it in simple terms of what the big city is really is.
 Without exaggeration, Aba is arguably doing wonders when it come to the productions of many things in Nigeria. Talk about branded shirts, suites, women hand bags, bags, shoes, belts, and so many other things that people are in need of and which they usually order from abroad, with many talented busy hands at Aba, what many people spend their hard earned money to get from abroad may not really be all that different from the locally made goods from Aba Ngwa.

The problem with many people in Nigeria is that they prefer foreign things to what are obtainable in their own country simply because of some reasons that are far from being genuine when expounded. For instance, many people say that most of the things they get from Aba is fake, that it doesn't last nor serve them well like the ones they get from abroad. Well, that may be true to some extents but if we are to be sincere with ourselves, we would also know that such experiences is not peculiar to a particular place in the world, it's everywhere just as the reason for that are everywhere also. Greed is everywhere in the world today and has eaten into what are being done the world over.

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Aba Ngwa
Aba made products/

Focusing on that will derail us from getting the main points in this write up which is about what are obtainable locally from Aba Ngwa, the center of industry in Nigeria.

Talk about the best of shoes, belts, and women hand bags that could compete favorably with the so called Italian leather, let truth be told, most of them are Aba made which most of us are using ignorantly thinking that they are foreign made goods. Is it the best of designs that you want? Just name your preferences and see Aba beating the rest of the foreign made goods hands down.

 Recently it has been devaluation all through for the naira due to non-patronizing of locally made goods while those with dollars are smiling right in nairaland where it supposed to be the reigning king.

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We have it all here but the reasons why many Nigerians are still clamoring for foreign goods are just unfounded. If we are to go into all other goods and services that Nigeria is providing for other countries that value what we have, you will marvel at the rate of ignorant or outright disregard of what we are blessed with as a nation.

Today the country can boast of sound vehicles of various types built and finished in the country. Nigeria is also producing enough grains of all types and is capable of feeding its citizens with enough for export to other countries. The giant of Africa is also able to clothe her citizen conveniently with the best of materials but most of us are still proudly displaying their foreign suites and laces which are nothing when compared to what we have locally. Today also in Nigeria, we have locally made computers and laptops that are just as good like the foreign made ones.

Nigeria at large
Imported goods into Nigeria/
This is just to briefly touch on few other things that we have but which we are disregarding in place of foreign made goods. Other countries do import some few things as a means of exchanges but not to the extent of what Nigeria import. They do not sorely depend on other countries like Nigeria even on things that they can produce.

The Extent Which Nigeria Has Depended On Foreign Made Products

Here in Nigeria, we at times go the extent of importing the hairs that our women fix on their heads and other similar things that are too demeaning to mention. Very soon and if the trend continues unabated, even humans would also be imported if they are not already being brought to do what typical Nigerian born could do much better and with less wastage of funds all in the names of bringing foreign experts to do what they know nothing about when compared with the true sons and daughters of the land when properly trained and motivated.

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 It is not as if talented Nigerians are not doing wonderfully well in their various fields of interest but the only hindrance is that they are not being motivated to continue with their talents instead they are allowed to get pushed out of the way by some foreign made products crafted with good machines. Why won't they, since the government is often not willing to think toward their direction on having them properly trained and be supported with good machinery for them to compete favorably with the foreigners.

Brief History Of Aba
Aba Youths clamoring for Biafra/olivernwokedi
  So talking about Aba made products in Nigeria, the citizens need to be properly educated on the numerous benefits of patronizing what they have instead of proudly depending on foreign made products which could also be obtained locally in the country.

Aba is one of the oldest commercial center in modern Nigeria which the growth stemmed from the infamous days of slave trade era when the city was used as a route for transporting slaves. Further boost came the way of the city when military outpost was created by the colonial masters, the British and gradually many other benefits ensued which turned the ancient city into a mega center thus attracting many skilled artisans, traders, agriculturists and educated folks from other parts of the then old eastern states with all of them doing their best to make a living from the then commercial center.

Back then, Aba looked so promising as all hopes were certain that the country would be producing enough of different types of wares for other parts of Nigeria to be trooping for and even exporting for outside countries with foreign exchanges into the country and much more but that was never to be because many factors contributed to the death of such bright hopes for Aba and in fact, for Nigeria as a country.

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Apart from political instabilities which precedes every other causes, other things like governmental poor polices, bad governance, flares for foreign made goods, greed, lack of foresight and over dependent on oil produce, all amounted to the death of made in Aba products. Gradually it became reality that staple foods like rice and spoons has to be imported from other countries into Nigeria not because we cannot produce but simply because of neglecting what we have to our own detriments as the present economy has become.

It is true that Aba is not the only promising commercial center in Nigeria where many well crafted products could come from but the point still remains that if Aba traders and manufacturers of various goods services are given the needed supports and provided with good environments to show case their skills, the country would be certain to have its name written among the top craftsmen and women in the world with the level of poverty shifted to barest levels.

Aba is part of Nigeria and therefore the negligence is not peculiar to Aba alone but is also affecting other states in the country that has many capable hands to get things going well for themselves and the country at large but couldn't due to the same foreign craze of the country at large.

Questions Arising From The Foregoing:

1. Can Nigeria feed her citizens?

2. Can Nigeria produce enough household item for her citizens?

3. Can Nigeria afford industrial equipment for her industries?

4. Can Nigeria afford to have a reputable textile outfit?

5. Can Nigeria even produce a vehicle?
Ben Bruce
Ben Bruce with his newly acquired made in Nigeria Jeep/
The answer to all these questions are self explanatory, Nigeria is capable of doing the above and much more but the problem is that we lack confident in what we have. But such lack of confidence is gradually wearing off on all of us as we are all beginning to see the sad impact on our economy.

 Nigerians are waking up for good even though greater majority are still looking at the realities from afar off. Made in Nigeria products are gradually gaining ground as some notable Nigerians are now championing the crusade for patronizing made in Nigerian products.

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 Notable Nigerians like Ben Bruice, Some state governors and senators are now using made in Nigeria vehicle and other products instead of foreign goods with good user experiences therein.

(a.) The textile industries in Nigeria are doing their best and the materials they are producing is second to none in terms of quality.
Nigeria textile industry/
(b.) Innoson Motors is giving the foreign made products enough headaches as the company is poised to compete favorably with other modern tech equipped foreign made vehicles and other equipment of choice.
Made in Nigeria cars
Innoson motors/
 Recently, it was in the news that Innoson has started producing parts of jets and that is a sign of good things to come. Toyota Nigeria is gearing up to start assembling cars in the country not to be beaten out of business.

(c.) Aba made products are being exported in great quantities to other countries like Cameroon, Benin-Republic, Equatorial Guinea, and other countries when most Nigerians are still apathetic on what their country is capable of doing.
Sen. Ben Bruce shopping at Aba/
(d.) Computers are also not left out as Zinox computers of Nigeria has vowed to make computers available to every household in Nigeria and they are not sleeping about it. You just name it. It is high time Nigerians wake up and discover the wealth lying in their backyard instead of answering the giant of Africa for enriching other countries while their citizens constantly go hungry due to lack of proper education in what they have.
Nigerian products
Zinox computers/
Nigerian made products has come stay and to be used by Nigerians and other countries who are in some dire needs of what we are producing. Nigeria has become too big for a dumping ground for various foreign used items all in the name of Tokunbos.

For many other Nigerians who are still looking at what Nigeria can or is capable of doing in terms of competing favorably with the rest parts of the world, well, the earlier Nigerians start using their own locally made products the better for them because they too have their own chances of proving how much of a Nigerian they are by patronizing Nigerian made products as that would help to boost the economy of Nigeria.
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This post is worth every second spent going through it. I never knew that we have this great talents in you, Amaechi. Thank you so much for crafting this wonderful piece of interesting post about Nigeria.

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