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Life After University As A Graduate Vs The Realities To Be Faced

Happy graduates stepping out of the university/
Life after University. No more exams, no more night classes, no more assignments, no more projects!!!!! Those were the shouts of joy emanating from final year students of a university while celebrating after their last paper in the exams.

 The scene was ecstatically and everyone were in mood of the happiness in the air. There was no room for sadness as whatever may be a reason for sadness were overtaken with various shouts of joy from the graduating students with their T-shirts painted with different inscriptions to show their true feelings after four years of continuous study with sleepless nights and night and days without foods.

 Some of them called it four years with garri as the best food with days of empty stomach even as that. 'If you ever give me any assignment again, I will take you to court because I'm now free from all your endless problems of different times of studies without rest. 'Now I can tell the whole world that I'm a graduate!!!!! and with more than one evidence to show for it.
 Apart from the paper certificate that everyone can see, I had some real life of more than enough of undocumented encounters with different lecturers which has been indelibly inscribed in my heart/brain, but now, those are history and I'm free from the problems of university and its environs.

students celebrating their final paper
A student of Geography & Planning from Kogi state university by name Lakeside celebrating his graduation/
 Some students usually bath themselves with muddy waters and even do all sorts of unimaginable things just to express their happiness

 For the happy students, life after the school premises may seem like a stone throw but it stretches more than that. I was watching these happy students expressing their happiness with impunity so to say, and another thing that pained me much was that I didn't have the opportunity to celebrate like them during my own time because my form of schooling was different from the one they went through. (secretly, I was envious somehow) Yeah! As a person, my four walled schooling ended after seven years or there about in elementary school after which I entered or graduated into the real  school without walls of endless learning with no graduation!

So while looking at those happy graduates, my mind was going through all that they were happily saying and which no one can stop them from doing because they were happy and that's just that.

 As a writer and someone who tries to make somethings out something and not really out of nothing as many prefers putting it, I will appeal to the students, now graduates to soften their expressions notwithstanding that they were in a happy moods.

life after university
happy faces of graduating university students/
  Let them remember that days are coming when they would wish for those endless assignments and even the worst encounter with their lecturers but won't get it because it has all gone. Let them know that the whole world is filled with other graduates before them who celebrated more than them but who are looking back at those days in the school as the best of their days in life, all things being equal.
 If really that the worst of hardships or difficulties in life would be like the ones experienced in school, (excluding bad ones) then there wouldn't have been any reason to cry out loud in life.
 I used to remember those days in school when all I do to comfort myself during any hard school assignments was to tell myself that it will soon be over, and for real, it has been over for too many years now but I'm now wishing life to be like those difficult days in the school.
 If you ask me, I will say that the only time that we enjoyed the best of times during our school days were the early days in nursery school when were pampered all through to get us into the real world of learning.
 No matter how difficult the situation was during our days in the school, it's usually nothing compared with the endless question papers that the real walless school constantly provide us with.
 We should be happy for graduating but let's not get overly happy with that because no one has really graduated except the dead ones because they has rounded up with their own examinations.

We should be happy in life but it's nothing wrong if we can keep things at bare and know that life should be faced realistically. My word for the happy graduates is a hearty congratulations  as I wish them the best of life.
 Let them not take it as all rosy because it is definitely not so. It will also mean much to them if they could wish for more of their lecturer's assignments and face life's examinations with such mindset.

 Some of the graduates will go back to teaching others what they had learned as teachers, others will go into many other forms of engagements which still entail learning of one form or the other. While celebrating, let us have the realities of the world out there in mind and know that those things we used to consider as tough jobs/assignments were meant to prepare us for the real things.

 The Real World With Real People.

 Inside there, in our various classes, we may have just a handful of lecturers who we considers to be our enemies while they on their own have their nicknames for us as all sorts of things ever imagined!
Yes. It all go hand in hand in hand and that's the reason why we are doing whatever we are into, perfectly well or close to that. Life must not be without difficulties but at the same time, it shouldn't be difficulties all through.
 I love the experiences we enjoy in the school because they help us to see life from afar off and at the same time prepare us to have some real and practical tastes of it all.

School is a wonderful place of learning because it helps us to learn how to keep learning. To you my great and wonderful graduating students, please keep it all to yourself and make sure that all the lessons you learned during your compulsory school years are well intact with you.

 Do not discard any of them as you would be using them as your references here in the real school of down to earth practicals. You are welcome to the real school of all possibilities where you have lecturers without number, students in quantum. Lastly, know that you now have the opportunity both to give others assignments and also do the ones they give you in return. Congratulations as we warmly welcome you into our world!


Anonymous said...

Incredible, I've been thinking it through myself . nd I know it's not going to be a walk in the park.

Anonymous said...

Definitely it's not going to be and it has never been but with determination and right mindsets, whatever obstacles that the world presents would surely be surmounted. I'm happy to have come out alive and will be surelsetting to give the best accounts of my self. May God help me!!!!!!!!!!!!