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Leave Nothing For Tomorrow Which Can Be Done Today

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Now, Tomorrow, and Yesterday. which do you choose?
 Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today. What about tomorrow? To so many people that usually sound indefinite and a solution on its own to whatever problems that they have; thinking that the next day, week, month,or year would appear with some ready made answers to their questions in life.

 While it is good to wait, we should be careful not to misplace waiting attitudes with pure wasting of time. We should be able to clearly differentiate waiting and wasting of time x2!.

 Tomorrow they say, is the only day that appeals to the lazy persons but which they never have any thing tangible enough to show for it and so in essence, it's usually a waste for them. It is wise therefore not to put off till tomorrow what could be done today if nothing serious is going to prevent it from happening.

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 Another danger of pilling up so much for tomorrow is that we are not even sure whether we would be there to handle all the workloads we may have loaded it with.

 3 Things To Have In Mind Against The Lazy Attitudes Of Procrastination:

* 1. We need to know that today was yesterday's tomorrow

*2. If we keep procrastinating, we keep piling things up unnecessarily and denying  ourselves the satisfactions that comes from diligently doing our works

*3. If we fail to handle our various responsibilities as when due, we will end up very surprised as to what has happened to our accumulated tomorrows with all of its magic promises.

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 One inescapable fact before every living things and of which we all know, is that nothing ever takes form on its own without some necessary manipulations either physically or otherwise. Therefore, let us not expect much from tomorrows because tomorrow does not perform any magic in its own and besides, even the magicians themselves do a whole lot of home works before they could come up with all their abracadabra which they want me and you to believe.

 We can bring the tomorrow down to today! Do not be deceived by the word 'tomorrow' for it only gathers more weights when we mention it hopefully whereas it is not hopeful on its own because anything can happen and thwart all the promises it holds.

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In case you may not know this: People are always getting ready for tomorrow while tomorrow on its own is always busy doing its own things not minding all that they do, because come what may, it always tilts towards fulfilling its own duties of coming and going of which if one is not careful, may end up busy counting it day in day out and deceptively taking/believing himself to be busy whereas he was just busy doing nothing!
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 Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today. Let's bring it all down to the present because we can actually do that without hanging our minds on some empty and un-assured tomorrows. In view of all the aforementioned points about tomorrow, we need to ask ourselves of what we could possibly do to practically reduce the next day of all the imaginative work loads.

 Let us look at the following quotes and see if it could motivate us to have the right perspectives about tomorrow.
 *1."Tomorrow is never what it's supposed to be" BOB DYLAN

*2."And tomorrow--who knows what happens? Do you get it? I don't know and no one knows, it's all unknown! YEVGENY ZAMYATIN

*3."All the flowers of all the tomorrow are in the seed of today"--CROFT M.PENTZ

*4. "Tomorrow, chased by time, flies before us to eternity--point that can never be reached" --CHARLES WILLIAM DAY.

*5. "Tomorrow may never come to us. We cannot find it in any of our deeds. The man who owns whole blocks or real estate and great ships on the sea, does not own a single minute of tomorrow. Tomorrow is a mysterious possibility, tomorrow is not yet born. It flies under the seal of midnight--behind the veil of glittering constellations"--E.H CHAPIN.

 After all said and done, tomorrow still remains what it is, 'the day after the present day' 'the day before today' and certainly not today and would never be.

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 So instead of stockpiling tomorrow with much workloads which continues to multiply with each passing day, let's fill the assured present with all the doable works before us and empty tomorrow of the unnecessary work loads.

 Let us make vital uses of what we have and not that which we don't have.

 Let us stop living in the past or jumping unnecessarily ahead to tomorrow which might not be after all.
 Let us make the best use of today because that is what we have and probably would ever have.

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Tomorrow is empty but at the same time loaded with a whole lot. If we are wise with the uses of our today, whatever tomorrow could be said to be filled with or how empty it may look, sound, or appear to us, with some right perspectives and being proactive in all we do today, those anxieties that it may be filled with could actually be handled in the present day while we allow tomorrow to face itself. let's do it today because that's what we can see. What if tomorrow never comes?

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