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How To Affect Others Positively With What We Have And The Rewards That Follows It

 How To Affect Others Positively With What We Have And The Rewards That Follows It
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We retain whatever we have by using them to help others. Use whatever you are blessed with today to locate others and help them stand up in life. Do not make the mistake of keeping it all to yourself while believing that you re' protecting it.No! You loose whatever you have by keeping it to yourself alone.

You can only protect what you have by sharing it with others, even the choicest parts out for the beneficiaries to make use of in life and grow up with it so to say. Words of caution: Be wise and desist from encouraging outright laziness with your gifts. Know the right candidates for your gifts of mercy.
 Do not be afraid of losing whatever you gave out to others and at the same time, never hope of getting them back from the people you reached out for. Give and let it go, for that is the only way to truly give and be proud of having given it out.

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 Whenever you give out to others, please never look at it as an investment of any sort because if you do, you might be tempted to indirectly get whatever you had given out back from the person somehow, which defeat the very purpose of giving in the first place.


 Even if some proved false and show no appreciations for what you did for them, never mind because they are the ones losing and not you as a person. Nonetheless, keep your eyes on those that remember to say thank you in return even though you weren't expecting it.  Such ones stand the chances of getting even more.

 Never feel as if anything strange has happened to you if some of the people you reached out for failed to show appreciations, for that can only make you to feel bad and thus lose out on being your true self  and could possibly affect your happy moods, which ought not to be so.

Maintain your happy status and if you can, and in any way possible, talk to the person (s) indirectly to learn how to be grateful for him to remain open for future favors in life. For a certain, you will not lack for reaching out to others in need. Yes, if you really want to help the person, then know that real helps entails more than just physical cash or any other favors expended to giving yourself per se.

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Learn to give in such a way that your gifts does not turn out to be a curse or even failure. How do I mean? When you give money to someone, try to see if there's further help to be rendered in form of advice for the person to be wise with what you have given him.

Be Generous-Give More Than Money

 Consider giving as a contract. When you render some assistants to some people, try to follow things up with them, ie' if they want to be followed through. If you have any good business ideas that the person may benefit from, go ahead and give him and see him through to the end of making something from it.
 To me, that is true giving with right intentions and it is sure to cause some ripple effects and have you, the giver projected profitably in some ways you may never even had thought possible.
 How To Affect Others Positively With What We Have And The Rewards That Follows It
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 I'm not a pastor, neither am I trying to pitch you into buying any thing here apart from whatever you feels like placing an order for in this blog. All I'm trying to help you see is the practical benefits of giving without any hidden strings attached.

 In the first place, which I know that I'm not mistaken, before giving any substantial amount of money as an outright gift to someone, you must have his or her best interest at heart and as such, you would be happy to see the person do something good with the money just like you if you had not given it out.
 When you give, give freely and take every necessary steps to prove that your gifts are meant for good and not some kinds of trying to sow where you would reap tomorrow, which is not bad, but do not give with that in mind as that has some ways of taking care of itself naturally even beyond one's expectations.
 Giving is a kind of profitable ventures that some people never thought exists. Is it not worthy to ask why are those people who regularly part with their money or other things of value never in lack? That is is just to show you that you are bound to be always on top for emptying yourself for the benefit of others.

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None ever go wrong simply for giving to the others. It is a secrete and a blessing that are only being enjoy by those who practice it. It is so natural that giving simply begets giving. Since the benefit of giving far outweighs that of receiving, how then can one shift from being a continuous receiver to an established giver that people would for all time look up to? Again what if I don't have to give to others? you might reason. Well, that takes us to yet another good point on this topic of giving.

 How Can One Give And What Is To Be Given.

 There is one thing that many of us often overlook, and that is having complete knowledge of ourselves. All of us as human are all gifts. That is what we are. When we look at ourselves with that mindset, we would then know that every other persons who are known to be giving to others are not extra-ordinarily different from other humans, rather they are just being their true selves and are acting in harmony with good knowledge about themselves.

 So if you can look at whatever you re' giving to other person as being taken from  gifts at your disposal, you will then know that anyone can give whether rich or poor, as long as we are living, there's always opportunity to live more by giving to someone else no matter how little.

So in case you don't know, all the people that bear 'GIFT' as their names are simply representing every one of us because we are all gifts by nature. Aren't we?

 Another wrong view about giving that most people have, is that you can only give money. WRONG!!!!
Hear this: He Who Has No Money Is Poor; But He Who Has Got Nothing Other Than Money Is The Poorest.

 How To Affect Others Positively With What We Have And The Rewards That Follows It

 With money you can live big and with it hunger and other necessary things can easily be taken care of, but with money, most of our problems still persists. However, with money, good advises, and wise directions a person stands some chances of doing extremely well in life.

So since one cannot be taken off completely from the other, but go hand in hand, then it make a whole lot of sense to know how to merge them together and come up with something substantial.
 How To Affect Others Positively With What We Have And The Rewards That Follows It
Make the gift come alive with productive ideas/
 You can give advice to people which could amount to money and you stand to gain from it. That on its own comes with the of question of 'what do you know in which people could benefit from, or what do you care to know if you doesn't have anything that others could benefit from?
In life and to really live as a responsible person, you must prove how much of a human you are, and how useful you are, or should be to others, for you to be considered a real person because we are meant for the benefits of each ourselves and that is why there are words like: Unity is strength, Togetherness, Union, etc.

 No single individual have it all and if you can be humble and be wise enough to understand this simple fact and key into it, you are sure to have your basic needs catered for. Being a giver is not only by giving money, you can share some good knowledge you have of something which those with bags of money may not know and are looking for.

 It is a common saying that no one has it all, but have we cared enough to ask of the reasons, why is it that we are all surviving despite all the challenges and problems that surround us? Yet no one has it all. This should prick our senses of reasoning.

Since no one person or groups of persons have it all, we are simply surviving because we has learn to be sharing things with each other. I give you what I have and you give me the one I lack. That has kept us going in life!

 So for us all to get going in life, let us do our utmost to develop whatever gifts we are endowed with either naturally or otherwise and use them to benefit others and allow the gifts to go round.

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 Whatever you are giving out, give in such a way that it has the capacity to outlive you. Let your gifts make ways for you even when you are no more.

Your true and selfless gifts make ways even for your unborn children because whatever good gifts you rendered to the needy, be it monetary, assistance of various forms, do not worry because they trail you somehow even when you may have forgotten that you did so so and so things at some certain point in time during some peak periods in your life when some things were at your disposal.

 Learn to give freely and wholeheartedly for that is one the thing that last beyond a life time.
 Be liberal and be ready to share whatever good things you have with others. Test the joy of giving.

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