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Humans with varieties of choices and how they look at things

ENDLESS! That's  how it appears to be in our eyes when we are into various types of suffering; but when it has to do with good fortunes, things that fills one with unbounded joys, we then shift into the fear modes that it's not going to last long. We begin to get ourselves unnecessarily busy thinking of some things that may not even happen, at least for the time being.
 We get high blood pressure fearing that some unfounded causes are probably going to prematurely remove the spoon from our mouth so to say.
 Putting all these together, I think it makes some senses to really look into things just the way they are because it would help us to put things into some right perspectives and help us to remain focused despite how things may some times appear to be.

Due to our nature as humans, we often want things now or never, an attitude which is best attributable to the young ones, but due to how things has turned out to be in this age of technology,  the old and the young ones alike now want things to take effect with the hitting of a button or the touch of a mouse.

       That is what technology has turned us into.

 But despite how we may praise technology together with how it has changed our ways of doing things both good and bad, one thing remains the same. 'ie'  We humans are responsible for all the technologies that many people have come to view or depend on for their lives to the extents of handing over all their health and financial  related welfare to because to them, technology have become more dependable than humans! Though that is open for debate.

     That is that, and for us not digress from the topic here, what we are looking at, is how we usually feel when things seem not to be going the way we intended due to some unknown reasons.

 When we are faced with some precarious situations, the questions we usually ask is why; because we want to have an answer to why things are the way they are instead of how it supposed to be.

  Despite how much we or the concerned others may assume things to be, we, the individuals involved are never satisfied with any assumptive answers because we know deep inside us, that we can never get to root cause without finding the main reason why things are the way they are or appears to be for us.

As humans, we may go to some lengths looking for solutions to our various problems even though at times we may not completely get the desired results but that never deter any serious persons from probing further and searching for how to make things work better for themselves and for others if that is their real intentions.

    But unlike the computers or the technologies that we have acquired in order to make things easy for ourselves, and which we may manipulate to act the ways we want, humans are not like that because we are not senseless robots that act without reasoning, though sad to say, some people choose to be that way.

We are humans that are interested in too many things, sometimes due to our own makings or some outright mistakes of others because of our inability to see beyond the present,we get things done wrongly at times, but still that never make us what we are not.

    Be that as it may however, there are many things that we don't necessarily have to set out to find the last reason why it has to be so because we might never know it all in details. But as humans all the same, there are some things that we may use our limited human abilities to harness coupled with some deeper understandings together with faith because we are equipped with such understanding as humans.

Though as humans, we may never know it all because we are not created that way, but at the same time we are not left without the necessary knowledge for our survival and sometimes again because of the same abilities that we are endowed with, we are expected to merge some certain things that may not be clearer to us at the moment with how things were or used to be to arrive at a conclusive and better results.

  This piece may not sound all that comprehensive to our varied expectations and satisfactions but the reason for publishing it still lies with the contents if we are patient enough to read with our own thinking faculties. So we are made to think and many things certainly makes us to do that either before or after some incidents. It is all about choices...................................................

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You are indeed doing something great here. Thank you sir for this wonderful effort.