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Taking Marriage Back To How It Was Meant To Be


Marriage according to the dictionary definition, is a union between two persons of the opposite sex, the states of being married!
 One dictionary went further to describe it as the UNION of two (or sometimes more) people, usually to the exclusion of all others.

Another one says, joining two parts to become one.
In fact, there are now many definitions to marriage because so many things has changed from the way it was originally meant to be:
 Aside from a union between a man and a woman, so many other definitions have equally gone into it to how or whichever ways it suits different persons.

It is no longer just between a man and a woman because we now have men and women, men and woman, man to man, woman to woman, man to animal, even to a tree or a person marrying his self or herself, to them all are marriage and it all depends on how you look at it.

 Things has changed not necessarily for good or bad, but in both ways!

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      However, as for the real marriage, the one practiced as it was originally meant to be, a marriage between a man and a woman, that is still marriage no matter how different persons may twist it to suit their selfish preferences.

 In this post, we would be looking into it in a broader lights while exploring ways to make it better and in line with the original intents of the one who made it.
How it should be
A marriage between a man and a woman is an acceptable type of  marriage by many and rightly so because that was how it was instituted in Eden by the originator. But many marriages today, even those that fall into the mostly acceptable standards also has its own eraser or cleaner that takes away the (IAGE) from MARR, and no wonder we have too many MARR-IAGES today because most of the unions are being marred by many things, making some people to start looking for the alternatives instead of entrusting their love and caring lives to someone else that doesn't reciprocate it or knows the values.

Another thing that erases the words off the union is being married and not staying married. Apart from adultery which many are guilty of, other things like over attachments to parents, friends, children, relatives, or passions could also cause some frictions in a marriage.

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Marriage is a commitment that very many who are going into it, only realizes the depth when already way down into it. It's usually only then that most of us come to terms that most of the thoughts that we both had initially, definitely needed some adjustments if we are going to stick with each other in the union come what may.....

    Real marriage are meant for those that are ready to be taught and learn at the same time because you would both be serving as coach for each other.

 Many marriages become problematic when one or both start bringing some strange and untested advice or suggestions from others and expecting it to get fixed automatically into their own, not knowing that it might not work because no two marriages are exactly the same.

Though, some of the advises may be working for the one that brought them but that is not the yardstick to measure every other unique marriages with. Every marriage has its own challenges likewise life itself, we either follow the patterns we had used in dealing with life's numerous challenges or allow enormities of marital challenges to weigh us unnecessarily down and perhaps become a failure even though many may object to that.

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We can only make good use of our real marriages, ie' between a man and a woman if we treat it as something that belonged to just two of us. Yes, with or without children, even with the stresses that follows child rearing, that union still belongs to two of you, husband and wife. That's how you started and vowed to remain come what may be, either good or bad.

You've heard it said severally that life is not a bed of Roses,  likewise marriage life (which no doubt produced you) were not without some frictions, but despite that your parents were still able to carry you to this extent and that is the more reasons why should stand up to the challenges and keep the ball rolling cooperatively.

Marriage is certainly not going to make you overly happy or excessively sad. It's all about following the unending shots from the professional penalty kickers to reduce the scores to the nearest minimum.

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 No doubt about it, there are scores of books that are dedicated to making marital life a happy one but one thing we have to know is that no two marriages- (just like the most identical twins), are exactly the same. Therefore, let us do the best we individually could to make our marital unions a very successful ones by following the guidelines that are applicable to it especially those from God's words the Bible.
                    If we all try our best to make marriage exactly what it is and not what we want it to be, (our own selfish preference) it is then that it would remain and produce that peace of mind that will give us the happiness that we started it with, but if not, the spelling would take this form:
        Marr-iage. which is, Marred and I aged.

Let us make it the best of union as it was originally meant to be by its originator and creator of man and woman, the True God Himself.

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Anonymous said...

Marriage is indeed something to be respected but not with the detriments of other important family relationship. Good reminder though.