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Do Not Allow The Negative Attitudes Of Others To Deter You From Doing Good To People

Being around negative /

Sometimes when you pay close attention to the happenings around you, the only thing that usually come to your mind is to get even and forget whatever reason there may be for letting go.

People generally doesn’t care about whose ox is gored any longer simply because of what this life has turned into.

 At times, even when one feels like acting differently probably because of his good upbringing and some godly inclinations, others who may have had their fingers burnt for doing that are readily available to discourage the individual from carrying out his good intentions thereby making what is wobbling to be completely out of joint.

In view of all these therefore, are we going to let the bad condition remain while we suffer the continuous bitter consequences?

The answer is a resounding No because no one enjoys it when what supposes to be sweet turns out bitter and no one has ever gotten decorated and applauded for being wicked when he or she could have been otherwise.

So as bad as the conditions in which we find ourselves may be, we are certainly not helpless when it comes to doing good to others even when many chose to do bad.

 Some may say that it doesn’t worth it being nice to others as this experience that I’m going to share with you here and many others may appear, but notwithstanding we can’t just become bad simply because some chose to be. Besides, being good to others pays and still pays no matter what.

A sad experience for being nice and wanting to help someone in need.

A man was going home after the day’s work as a tricycle operator, then along the way he saw some people gathered around an accident victim with some probably weeping for the badly injured man as he was made to believe. The people appealed to him to assist them to take the man to the hospital and he complied. The victim along with two other men entered the tricycle and the good Samaritan drove off hurriedly hoping to get to the hospital but unfortunately for him, as soon as they got out of the public’s view and down onto the lonely part of the road, he was ordered to stop by the victim himself with a gun pointed at him! To cut the long story short, the tricycle operator was beaten mercilessly and his bike taken away by the three men he wanted to help. 

So, he was the one who eventually landed in the hospital with broken head and series of injuries inflicted on him. Worst still, the tricycle was on a higher purchase! Presently as I compose this blog post, the man is still languishing in the hospital somewhere at Enugu in the eastern part of Nigeria. And there are many of such cases the world over.

Simply put, some may be bad while others are good but come what may, those who are bad would always have it bad unless they have a change of heart while those on the good side for all times will remain on the good side even if they die doing good.

So, if for any reason, you feel like reaching out to the needy, please don’t entertain any fear except you are not cleared on what you actually want to do or if you are not capable of doing that.

 Reach out and help others for help beget help. Never mind even if you are not readily appreciated by others for God who gave you such a rare opportunity will definitely see you through even if some unexpected eventuality turns up as a result.

Be you, you and do not allow the negative attitudes of some people get over you. 

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