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Accepting Life Just The Way It Is Lessens Unnecessary Anxieties - Be Focus

Overthinking things gets one into more problems/
A disgruntled man who was seen cutting grasses under the scotching sun in order to get what his family of four would eat was overheard heard asking himself this rhetorical question: 

“Why is this life filled with a whole lot of problem, why must I undergo this punishment just to put food on the table for my family when others seem to relax in fully air-conditioned offices and only to go home with fat checks at the end of every month?” A passerby quickly picks it up from him and gave this this answer…… ‘It is hard and filled with problems because of what it is. Guess what he concluded his answer with? He said ‘because this is life’! 

And that is exactly what it is because as the man said, life is life. It is a fact that life is filled with so many hitch ups but they are some who are making their ways through in it without much visible scratches as it were. Accepting life just the way it is lessens unnecessary anxieties!

 One major thing about this life is that it is not the same for everyone due to so many reasons which are sometimes self-inflicted and at other times just an outright unfortunate for others who doesn’t really deserve the unfortunate situations.

 As seen from the happenings around the world, most people are suffering unnecessarily either because of their lost opportunities in or their hardships may come from the wrong/wicked decisions of others whether known to them or not. 

Throughout man’s history, it has been a case of inequality all over the world. The rich class, the average or middle class and the poor fellows otherwise known as the second-class citizens.

The simple reality that most people often overlook in life.

We all know it and have it as clearly stated facts that mere wishes in does not take anyone anywhere because as it was said and spoken of around the world, ‘If wishes were horses; the beggars might ride comfortably’. But the simple truth has it that one can only grow if he goes.

 Being great or being able to adequately take care of one’s responsibilities does not come easy. So, for one to be able to do that, some great sacrifices have to be made and continuously made if one is to keep himself afloat in this daunting ocean called life. 

The serious fight for success in the Olympics/
It is often a common sight to see some people who were once comfortable in life becoming poor and are living dejected life due to their changed circumstances and whenever you try to hear them out, what you would see pouring out from them are nothing but some bitter expressions of what they could have done but missed it due to one reason or the other and how this life has been unfair to them because of some decisions they made at some stages in their life……. etc. 

All those regrets changes/amounts to nothing for anyone because even the person one may be complaining to didn’t have it easy either as he must have taken some drastic measures in life to be where he is today, in a nutshell, it wasn’t easy for him as it may appear to the one laying all sorts of complains to him. 

Simply put, we either look for ways to improve our lots in life or die complaining! Life is not easy and for us to survive in it we are not to take it excessively easy as well.  It is a pure waste of time for one to stay bemoaning his lots in life when he can at least make some efforts to put things right to some extent and move up from there.

 Again, it is quite unfortunate that some are deliberately playing away their precious time while believing that they are doing the best they can but that is very wrong. At times, one may be busy analyzing the happenings in other peoples while their own is in shambles, that doesn’t pay either. There are opportunities everywhere and the earlier a person realizes this the better for him and all those that depend on him.

Stop over thinking, over complaining and take steps to correct the correctable in life. Happy you!

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