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At What Age Are Parents To Stop Interfering With Their Teens Decisions

Parents are always a parent but there comes a time when they are to stop interfering with the decisions of their kids
Parent bidding their child goodbye as he leaves home to start his own life / oralskills1
 Once a parent is always a parent but are parents to remain active all through their lifetime interfering with each and every decisions that their children make? A parent can always be a parent but kids are not always kids.

An average American parents have 18 years to get their children where they want them to be in life and that's pretty normal and the Americans do great jobs in that. Read More On That Here

Many other countries in the world also have laws that supports an eighteen years child to stand up in their own rights but due to varying economic situations in those countries, the laws are said to be easier enacted than to be carried out.

From the age of eighteen onward whatever American child wants to be is left for him and he has himself to blame if he missed the chances of taking up from there and on into a responsible adult. Why won't he except he want to leave a careless life.

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 At that age also the parents can only advice their children on what they want to do while leaving it up to them to make their final decisions.

Parents are always a parent but there comes a time when they are to stop interfering with the decisions of their kids
An ill-prepared teenager leaving on his own /
 At the age of 19 an average American child is expected to have grown into an adult with rights of making their own decisions and facing the out come on their own.

What About Non American Kids?

But the question now is, what about other third world countries with children of the same age brackets like that of the American kids?

What if at the age of even 20-years and above, they are still sharing the same bed room with their parents under one roof? Are the parents to send them out whatever becomes of them let it be after all they are of age?.

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That sounds easier said than done for an average African parents. What about those children who were sent out of their parental cares before the age of 12 or even 10, what if they come back home half baked by the age of 20 and lag seriously behind in terms of living on their own and making their own decisions as adult, what is their parents to do in a situation like that?

These are serious questions begging for corresponding answers because we are all humans and ought to be treated equally at the same time.

So when it comes at what age to stay clear of taking some active parts in our children's decisions, many factors has to be considered so that we don't mix things up unnecessarily.

Parents are always a parent but there comes a time when they are to stop interfering with the decisions of their kids
Parents and adult child on couch /
 Conditions of different countries and families vary and we don't have to peg it with a particular one as the yardstick but one thing to be sure of is that there got to be a time when we have to back off as parents in the decision of our children nor sharing the same roof with them.

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At a point in time, no matter what's left, there's usually one thing remaining to teach them and that is for them to be on their own without leaning on anyone......At this point we fight the tendency to give them advice at whim when they ve' not asked for it.

Do Not Give Them Advice If They Haven't Asked For It

Being a parent to your children is a life time thing but the level of one's active engagements to their life certainly comes to minimal as the kids advances onto adulthood.

As a parent, there is always the tendencies of wanting to know whatever your kids are up to at various points in time but as they advance to adulthood you have to be careful less you become an uninvited guest to their homes if they are married with or without kids yet.

 While it's true that your grown adult kids would ask your opinions on some things, enough care must be taken never to go beyond what was actually asked.

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Whenever they ask you for advice, go straight to what was asked and do not turn it into an opportunity to start lecturing them again because you have had the whole of 18+years for that.

 If you turn it to an opportunity of lecturing instead of giving them the advice they asked you, you are bound to be disappointed because your children may not do exactly as you said since all they requested from you was just an advice and not instruction, orders or directions, why? because they are now adults with rights to make their own decisions.

When you learn to stop at what they asked you for, it would mean less worries because they are certain to do what they want as adults while you take solace in the fact that you had not failed to give them the advice that they sought for just as you would to every other persons that may had asked you.

All the years that had gone by should have been enough for you to address them as the kids when you were giving them all sorts of unsolicited advice, disciplines, opinions, instructions and so on but now, you ve' got to soft pedal for a smooth relations with your grown up kids.

We know that this is not going to be an easy thing that could be done at a go but little practices over time would certainly help you in getting to your desired goals of having well rounded adults which you want your kids to become.

Helping Them To Develop Into Matured Adults

All that you want your children to be as the adults usually take time to have it instill on them and that's the major reason why you have to make it your priority to teach them at every given opportunity; when you do, chances are that they would grow up to give you less stress.

Always start from the positive sides of whatever they do and build from there. For instance, issues of their choices in girlfriends or boyfriend, their choices of clothes, musics and so on.

Parents are always a parent but there comes a time when they are to stop interfering with the decisions of their kids
Reasoning with your child while still at home /
  In some of the areas mentioned here, chances of getting annoyed or offended are great but with the knowledge that you are reasoning with some adults to be, you would want to hold yourself and think back of your own very self when you were like them, when you do, it would enable you to direct your instructions accurately and more profitably too.

When you relate with your teenage children in that way, they would be certain to open their hearts to you thus affording you the opportunities of giving them some clear directions which would have them progressing well in life and onto adult life.

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This close interactions with the kids also affords the parents opportunities of knowing how their children think and also getting to know loads of other things that they are more updated than you because of the constant changes around the world and how things are done.

As far as they are concerned, you are a novice in the areas of technological know how and other advanced methods of doing so many other things, as you consciously ask them about all these things, they will be proud to let you into all the things you need to know while you capitalize on the opportunity to put them right because come what may, you are still wiser at least with age and experiences.

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