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The Challenges Of Being A woman In A Male Dominated World

Women go through a lot in a man dominated world
Picture of what a woman passes through/
"My life as a woman is a wonderful one which I have so many reasons to be thankful for and at the same time some reasons to detest"  A battered woman."Life as a woman is a glorious one because their maker made them so and endowed them with much responsibilities that the menfolks sometimes act as if they are blindfolded not to see them as they are." Proud to be a woman.
 Without looking for a dictionary definitions of them, women are indeed wonderful in all areas of their make up as we are surely going to see in this blog post.

Talk about women in the midst of men dominated societies and you would have various ideas about them to contend with. But in reality, are women all that bad? What have they done to deserve being treated differently?

 What qualities do they have that could speak for them even when they are shouted down as it's often the case in some parts of the world where women are simply viewed as a sex object?

 Women too don't even pity themselves as most of them are often made to pass through enough bitter experiences by their fellow women. They go through a lot in the hands of their abusive husbands and are also not spared by some mean mother in-laws.

 In spite of all these loud questions with silent answers about the women, they are more than enough reasons why these men helpers deserve some good commendations for living up to their names. Yes, they are our mothers, sisters, wives, and even our legal advisers behind the scenes.

 No matter what our feelings may have been about the women, let us look at some five qualities that real women are known for and reevaluate some of our feelings about them.
what women go through in life
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 Qualities That Real Women Are Known For

 1. Submissiveness

 This is a quality that any real woman cannot do without because no matter how beautiful, a woman that is not submissive is always detested.This is a quality that carries a woman all through her father's house down to her husband's home and continually until she finishes her days in life.
Even though a good quality for all to posses, being submissive has a lot to do with a woman's life.


 Some girl children has this as their name and to be honest, women are known to endure a lot in life. Apart from having to go through the compulsory labor of pregnancies for those who are married with the hopes of having their own children, some are also made to endure other forms of hardships in life due to poverty or unhappy marriages. A woman can forego her comforts just to make sure that her child (ren) are well taken care of with the hope that they grow up and become someone in future.


 Women may be said to be a weaker vessel compared to men, but that is to some extents. If we can sincerely take enough time to think a woman's overall life through, we are sure to give them double of whatever respects we have for them.

 Whether classic or average woman, one thing we have to know is that it is not easy to be a woman also. A woman will go to work if she has one in order to supplement whatever her husband is doing because the economy of the world today has grown beyond what a single person can handle.

After the office hours, she moves straight to the market to get things for the family for supper. When she gets home, straight to the kitchen to have them prepared while at the same time mentally thinking of how tomorrow will be at the office.

After the night food and some little time with her family, she goes to the bed with her husband and sleeps between 5 & 6 hours and the circle begins again. That's for the woman with  grown up children and probably with a house-help.

If it's a woman that still have little kids on hand and is still working to support her husband, then know that the level of her activities would definitely go up. All these calls for strength to be done.


 Women are sometimes wrongly accused of being foolish with their brains being compared to that of fish. Well, women may at times be funny when it comes to their behaviors and how they reason but that's just part of their makeup.

 If women are to be extremely wise and do things the ways that men do or expect them to do at times, then think of how what it could be like to have well rounded irons as the tires of the vehicles and also imagine how fast and smooth any journey embarked with such vehicles could be.

 Their so-called foolish behaviors only serves as shock absorber and sometimes due to the stress they go through in the hands of men. Many other times however, their foolish acts saves the family from sinking into some problems. For eg, Abraham wife, Sarah acted foolishly likewise Leban's wife Abigail but their foolishness saved a whole lot. And many a woman today are also behaving foolishly for the benefits of their households. That's by the way.


 Women are so hopeful to the extents that they are sometimes taken as foolish set of humans because of their stands. Love is no doubt what brings a man and woman together in marriage but what sustains that love despite all perceivable challenges and difficulties is the hope that things would be better even when the realities on the ground is saying a different thing.

A real woman hopes and works to make her man to become successful. A real woman hopes that her children grow up and become recognized in their community. For the love of having her own children, some women pass through a lot in the hands of different doctors both natives and English ones. A woman looks beyond the present and has strong hopes that things will change for the better.

In spite of all these fine attributes to the women, they are still said to be evil and as a result, some cultures in Africa and some other parts of the world are bent on giving the women the worst forms of inhumane treatments in the world.  A typical life of a girl child is often described this way:

(a.) At home, much preferences are given to the boys over the the girls while growing up as much chores are usually given to them by their mothers as a way of preparing them for a life in their husband's house.

(b.) Some are denied the basic education as they are viewed as just a means of reproductions. When married, they often at the mercy of their husband's family members, especially the mother in-law.

Some wicked African traditions even makes a woman to drink the water that was used to bath her husband's corpse.

 Being a woman is a big work but it entails much more than the perceived works. What some women go through in the hand of their husbands and some traditions are enough to "for one to consider changing one's sex to become a man overnight" says one African woman who was made to undergo series of shameful rituals after the death of her abusive husband.

A Quick Look Into Violence Against Women

In many cultures, women has been the treated dishonorably and are both physically, sexually, and mentally abused. Sometimes, merely looking at what some women pass through would make a thinking person to ask if they were created for a different purpose in life.

what women go through in the hands of men
Sad picture of the reality/
Many of them are victims of rapes, others are married to drunkards with constant bruises all over their bodies as signs of lovely concerns from their husbands. Some fend for their households while their husbands live playing drafts and drinking here and there! These are just on the soft sides.

There has been various methods to raise public awareness against the violence on women, but the more public it gets, the more difficult it becomes for the women to speak up, with some losing their lives.

 For instance, a statistics issued by victimology institution in Holland shows that about 25 percent of women in one South American country, suffer some form of domestic violence, and this is in addition to the Council of Europe estimation that 1 in 4 European women suffers domestic violence in her lifetime.

 British Home Office in England came up in few years back with a heart wrenching report that an average of two women a week were killed either by their current or former partners! Then turn your attention to India, what do you see or hear? Raaaaaaappppppppeeeee!!!! everywhere. At any corner, on the road, in any place and hour.
Life as a woman in a man dominated world
All sorts of inhumane treatments against the girl child/
 This menace has been described by the Amnesty International as the "most pervasive human rights challenge" It has to be because it affects women of all races and status.

 The former Secretary-General of UN, Gen. Koffi Annam admitted that violence against women is global in reach, why? he states further that it takes place in all societies and cultures irrespective of their race, social origin or birth place. In spite of the public statistics, there are many more of cases of violent against women that are not reported and would never see the light of the day because of where and the calibers of the perpetrators.

  These are some hard facts of what the women go through. There has been laws enacted to have it curbed, such as Violence Against the Women Act (VAWA) but the public out cries rising from it are just too much not to allow the rule of law see the light of the day, with the name being changed from the original to something else together with many reports of women using it to hold their innocent partners to ransom.

What do we think is the lasting solutions to these inhumane acts against the women? When we know the value of the women, it will help us to have some respects for their makeups and know how to treat them accordingly. If left for every man to handle their woman as they wish, you know that things would certainly go out of hand and it becomes a global issue.

Possible Solutions To Violence Act Against Women

Know and treat them understandably and desist from man-handling them as that makes them to be more rebellious to their own lose with extension to the whole family

Know this basic truth about the women; They are meant to be loved and not really to be understood completely. Even when it becomes too confusing for you as a man to make some headway with them, just show them more love in any how you can.

Be man enough to control your urge and value your personality as a human. It's only animals that give freely into their urges shamelessly because that's how they are created.

Problem never solves any problem but creates more problems. Look at them as children and be man enough to endure like them because they too endure a whole lot for the men folks.

Challenge yourselves to be at peace with each other and value what you have in common, which is love.

Know what works for each other and use that as an antidotes to counteract your angers

Use the causes of your arguments as resources/avenues to show your children that you can endure and overlook provocations. That serves them well in later in life.

Violence against women must stop because it has to be stopped. It adds nothing of value to the societies rather it scatters the societies and makes the children hardened for the continuation of the same violence when they grow up and marry.

We stand to gain a lot by having peaceful families because that is the original intents of the creator of every families on earth, the True God.
Peaceful societies comes from peaceful homes and peaceful homes has a whole lot to with how the women are treated. Give them the needed respects and try as much you can to understand their make ups and why they do some funny things that they do at times.
 May God bless the women!


Anonymous said...

Thank God that this post is coming from a male blogger. To be sincere, you really did a wonderful job here about the women and what they go through in life. May God bless you sir for bringing this out for the public attention. Mary, from Okoko Lagos.

Amaechi Ekeh said...

Yes Mary, the awareness has to be created and followed not withstanding that the women can funny most of the time due to their nature. Thanks for coming and do please share to others for more exposures to curb the menace.