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Facts About The Children That Could Make The Adults To Think More

Full of innocence
                        Loudly and on top of our voices, we keep shouting at these minor and innocent fellow citizens of our world!, our beloved children. For some good reasons we just have to take things easy with them for every reasons imaginable.

 We just have to take it easy with the children and be careful not to injure them needlessly, because it is a common thing for children to behave funny most of the times and to continue with such disturbing attitudes for some long but definite period of time! For certainty, we all know that they must outgrow that annoying stages as time goes on.

Let us stop castigating those minors who are presently battling with some conflicting adrenaline that 'You' both parents had contributed for them to now customize and configure and make it applicable for their own device as the case is. So take it easy with them, while they are
filtering all the hormones you had accumulated over the years and passed on to them to harmonize, for it's absolutely not an easy job to do.

Inasmuch as they provoke us times without number, we just have to remember that they are not doing that simply to annoy us, but are doing it as a way of purification without which their growth would be badly affected and hampered.

So we are appealing to all of you, our dear parents, (for you were once children like us) to treat us with enough care and deep understanding because we are not fools as we are often wrongly taken and assumed to be by you. We are simply doing what our age permit us to be doing.

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  Did we fall from heaven or somewhere else? Certainly no!, and that's why all the characters we are immaturely displaying and are often unjustly punished because of, were actually in imitation of  'you' our parents. For the fact that you are now grown ups doesn't mean that you didn't behave like us when you were our age. It's just with time and we would have all these shaved off and pick up as expected.

Treat us understandably and you will see us grow up to become responsible adults like you are now. Handle us carelessly and see us grow up and become bad boys and girls. The later we do not want to become.

Do not always assume that you the adults are the only ones doing all the hard works in this life, No! We too are equally doing our possible best to grow naturally up and adequately fill the vacuums that you would create as time goes on, and that we could only do if you let us enjoy our childhood to the full and not force us out of our shelves prematurely. Stop giving us what cannot do yet and wait till we come of age to be able to do it conveniently without any problems per se.

 If you force us to do what we are not yet capable of doing yet, we would for all times remain premature even in our supposedly matured ages because our childhood was stolen away from us by you..
The often sad situations faced by the minors

Dear parents, please limit those hard rules and regulations that you are presently giving us while believing that it is best.
It is not the best and would never be but will only work to distance us more from you. And as you know, that serves none of well as we had both seen.
 We want to be good children and to be treated as such by you, our loving parents.

   We equally know that you have more than enough reasons to be angry with us because of the ways we behave at times. We are really sorry for that. It's usually because of the inborn presumptuousness, inexperience, and curiosities in us.

 As for such misdemeanors, whenever we display it as often as we do, please we count on your matured minds and patient to soften the needed punishments letting it be to the levels of the offenses supposedly committed.

Beat us, flog us, and do to us accordingly but make sure not to angrily injure us; for that will still be additional expenses on the family which surely affects both of us but mostly you because we acted in innocence.

It is also a common knowledge to all that most of the times and due to anger, you call us names and attribute all sorts of animate and inanimate things to us. We are often angrily called, monkeys, dogs, stupid, idiots, and all Whatnot. But respectfully, we object to that.

 Take some close look at us and compare it with yourselves, what do you see? You know better as we too do that we have so many things in common with each other and not an animal or any other things that you often angrily likens us to.

     Though we are here bemoaning our plights as children generally, but let us do some helpful analysis which we also thought could be of assistance.

                                              Our Western Counterparts!

Our Western counterparts, we are happy for you because your countries made laws ahead of time to carter for and to protect your interests even while you were yet to be born!

 While we in Africa and other third-world countries wrongly take the methods of your upbringing to be too loosely and spoiled because you have your rights in everything and when it comes to your own types of punishments, your laws do set the boundaries to that as well.

 Your education and well-being is paramount just like us here but you undeniably enjoy more of it because of centuries of advance planning by your countries.

Your upbringing which according to our almighty and all wise parents, which were said to be too permissive and highly disrespectful, is still the same reason why few wealthy ones among us, are still struggling to send their privileged sons and daughters overseas for some better education together with the rest of good things in life.

  Facts About The Children That Could Make The Adults To Think More

You are also said to be drug addicts and yet the best inventions that the world has ever known keep springing from your own part of the world, the western countries.

We have seen, tasted, experienced and compared it all and have reached the conclusions that we are not cursed in anyway after all but are only inhibited and caged all in the name of upbringing that are only stereotyped and devoid of experimental outside the set boundaries which has kept us permanently in this darkness while living in a rotational world! For how long must we continue like this?
Common scene with the less privileged children in Africa

       Our dear parents, please pardon us if in a bid to express ourselves, had gone beyond limits. It's just because of the same issues of being what we are, the children; but please do hear us and make more rooms for us to express our feelings more freely and see what accompanies that in time to come.

 Catching us young isn't all about stuffing us with tasks that are meant for adults, no but developing things like toy computers, toy cars, and other life basic necessities in toys and cartoons and let us discover ourselves while playing with, dismantling same and fixing them at the same time.

 Again, when you buy the above items for us, please kindly overlook how we play with them because we are bound to experiment with same in some ways that you may not like as adults, but just let us be because we learn by doing things that way as the results of our curious minds.
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 Let us alone but guide us to be useful in life while not unduly prohibiting us as we childishly but playfully come up with some wonderful things out of our childhood imaginations

Some Mothers Were Surprised At These:

  We do annoy you, agreed but not to the extent that you reacts sometimes just because of what we childishly did.
 At times even when we haven't done anything deserving of angrily talking to us, you often offload your annoyances on us as a transferred aggression which is not good you know. Often times if you could humbly admit it, after shouting at us for whatever reasons, you accepts some kinds of self defeat and wishes that you never did that in the first place after all!.

Never mind because we know but has no choice than to overlook it and fearfully but respectfully accord you the needed respects.

 But just to let you know the rate of damage that you usually cause by doing that, when you constantly raise your voice at us in every slightest provocations, you thereby have it instilled in us as the best way to express one's self and no wonder you too are doing that because you were also wrongly trained that way by our grandees.

 Another downside of indiscriminately shouting at us is that it retards our normal growths and have our tender minds programmed with fears always, no wonder most of us never break free from such fears right into their adult age thereby affecting their overall progress in life.

 It's true that our inexperienced brains are filled with 'foolishness' per say, but that you can gradually but reasonably take away from us through various forms of disciplines.

We may appear to be stubborn and filled with all kinds of funny/displeasing characters as children, but we usually outgrow that stage with time and besides, we are doing all that because we inherited them from you.

 Should you see us constantly playfully doing and repeating what you had severally warned us not to do?, Please bear with us for it's just out of excitements for being around and sharing this gift called life with you.
 In all, we children of this world are saying a hearty thanks to you our dear and lovely parents for taking your time to hear us out as we hope and believe that you are surely going to act accordingly. We appreciate you all.  We love you!!!!!!!!!!

  What Should Be Our Reactions To This As Parents?

Most of the points raised above no doubt touches where it hurts and especially if we are the no nonsense/authoritarian types of parents. Whichever, let the truth be told that these our children are sometimes made to suffer and bear the brunt of what they did not do or know anything about; their sins being only that they were born by us!. Should it be so? In some parts of the world where child slavery are still practiced, the innocent children are made to go through hell of bitter experiences.

 But that apart, what about where the innocent minors are said to be enjoying some relative peace and fundamental rights reserved for them?
 If that's practiced in your country as in Nigeria, where then are the laws that govern how the minors are to be treated?
 Is it only in the pages of newspapers or is it actually being carried out in our homes and that the reasons why your children are not complaining were not because of what you are to do to them afterwards?
 Let us collectively think about this as parents and guardians.

 It is true that these minors may not really present the whole stories to sound very palatable to the ears of the hearers but even with the words unspoken, what can we pick from that which we could see with our eyes?

 Look at this lovely/innocent face of this little girl, look at that swollen part of the eye, how does it make you feel? Cant you feel her pains no matter what she might have done?.

A minor with a hurt eye

Too bad as it may sound, what some children go through in the hands of their own parents are too dehumanizing to hear. Could that be because of how they were brought up or that the children appears to be the last resorts for them to vent their wrath from the outside world, I don't know.

 For crying out loud!, these are the same kids that some of us closed up the streets during their naming ceremonies out of happiness for being called a father/mother; how come now the same child that is trying to grow up and wash away all the impurities that they inherited from you suddenly become the worst of children?
 If this blog post served some purposes as we hope it does, please give your supports by implementing the best methods of child rearing. Let us give these precious gifts the needed treatments and allow them the opportunity to explore their life naturally to achieve the best in it all.

Let us give these children a chance to enjoy their childhood to the full for them to grow up with all the natural gifts that they were equipped with. Show that you care by reading further about the kids here.
Having really considered all of these about the children, there are for sure so many facts about the children that could make the adults to think more.