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The Right Perspective To Have Towards The Modern Technology

Today's realities/
The right perspective to have towards the modern technology. Without mincing word or sounding extra-ordinarily in anyway, the world is changing rapidly in every ways possible to accommodate all there are to be accommodated, both the good,  the bad and the ugly all at the same time! 
 I may be proven wrong but it all depend on which angle you may want to look at it from. These changes may includes all areas in life, but we will be focusing on the  modern day technology-the beneficial sides of it.
Take for instance, would it has been possible to get this wonderful toy Helicopter for your child for less than $20 and have it brought down to your home irrespective of your address some twenty to thirty years ago?
  Or do you want to strike it out with this Galaxy S6 edge Samsung with free wireless charger device?
There has been all types of changes around us and we have not seized to exist because things are changing either for good or for bad and would never do! We will continue to live and adapt to the changes......
 Besides, we are not surprised in any way because we know that changes are inevitable; be it for the good or for bad, changes must take place for such is life.

 Likewise as humans, the ways we do things has equally followed suit because too many changes has come our way just as we have pointed above. Yeah, there is no gain-say about it, the world has changed and technology has played and continued playing significant roles in these changes and is undeniable.

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 So in this post, we will be dwelling on the positive changes that has come our ways as results of the modern technology. Though there are some negative sides to it but that shouldn't dictate what we would be talking about in this post because that will be exhaustive and disheartening, but in anyway, let's just focus on the good sides technology here.

 As we both look at the positive sides of the modern day technology, there could be some calls to actions at times for you to take an actions at least to verify what we are saying and to really prove that we are not projecting what we had not tried or don't have enough confidence in nor knew anything about.

 No! we wouldn't do that, for that would defeat the very purpose of this humble platform where you have up till now been exposed continually or presented with genuine life tips, which were both tested and workable solutions that have stood the test of time. So we believe that you have our trust & confidence here. Thank you for that!.

 The advent of technology has come with so many innovations to make life easy and to take the hassles of our shoulder while we concentrate more on all that matters most in our lives, be it in our works, studies, our roles as a mother, father, and in fact, all that really matters, while the tech takes care of the rest.

As the result of fully utilizing the benefits of technologies all around us and in different companies too today, many has been able to maximize their profits and could readily do what really matters and as at when due. Those who got their businesses automated can bear me witness that it has all been filled with great and wonderful stories.

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 This too, has lead to some staff being relieved off their duties because technology has taken over most of the works that were being done by humans prior to it. Still, it all boils down to making progress because that has enabled many to have themselves updated technologically and become more useful in the society and for themselves as well. You can read virtually all news papers online or have them waiting for you at various news paper stands near you even before you wake up from your sleep. Read Punch Newspaper Online Here For A Proof.

Be wiser than your device/
So be wise and know where the trends is focusing. We are now in an automated age where the words: Internet, Intranet and extranet has all merged together to push our various businesses up for the better. You should be taking advantages of them.

 Take for instance, the News paper companies which before now used to have so many trucks or Van drivers shuttling long distances everyday to have their papers circulated all over the country. Sad to say, many lives has been lost in road mishap while doing this regular trips. Very bad!

 The Right Perspective To Have Towards The Modern Technology

  All that are now things of the past. What the newspaper industries do now is to have branches in close by places and have their News topics technologically circulated to be printed and distributed faster and cheaper. Isn't that a good progress?

 Also before now, to have letters passed to any where in the country or even within the same state used to be a whole lot of stress and filled with lots of stories of what happened or could have happened along the way while it's being transported.
 But today, the modern technology has made things extremely easy and beyond comparison. Gone are the days when every things used to be manually done leading to lots of important letters lost on the transits.
Technology has also given the small businesses an edge to compete favorably with the big businesses/companies.
 Hopefully, with the ways things are going now, those who accepted the e-business very early,  are now reaping greater rewards from it because we are now faced the with realities of the futures which they had anticipated years back. Things has really changed for good, technologically speaking in some aspects.It's therefore seriously perturbing that so many are already swimming in the pool of the accruing benefits while the wiser and skeptic others are still busy using their heads to break the coconuts.

 For example, what do you think would happen to your business, if all your customers could only do to enjoy any of your services is to Press A Button Like This, And Have Their Quarries Or Supplies Attended To?

 In all of these, the question is, who has this or who are we paying to have this wonderful services brought down to us?
The answer lies on what is possible when humans put their God given brain into work and what comes out of it.
 So, narrowing our discussions here down to the internet or the Information Technology, we come again with the question of who owns the internet?

 The pure but simple answer is, No body but Everybody!.

The services of the internet is open for everyone of us and in fact, to all who want to enjoy the endless benefits that it brings. The effects has been compared to the life that we are all living today.

 Some are enjoying it to the best of their abilities even though it's hard and filled with challenges while others are letting life live them instead of the other ways round ie, living the life.

 Likewise the use of the internet today. Many are using it to the full and are enjoying the benefits that it provides while others are still peeping from afar off and questioning the benefits of making even a phone call, sending a text message, or an e-mail, when they can actually trek down to the place and meet the person one on one, after all that's the methods they were used to before this not-too clear-and-confusing-technologies. Can you imagine thaaaaaaat!!!!

Old version tin communication/
Yes, those are the archaic reasoning of some people towards the modern day technology and its possibilities, which the Westerners had employed way back in time in making their life very easy.

 As a result of this apathetic and unproven fears of some people, the internet or other benefits that it brings are highly under-used throughout the world, but more especially in Africa.

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 While some make do with probably just an aspect of the modern day tech like making phone calls only, there are many other benefits of the tech which people are allowing to pass them by, such as online transactions of many types which we would later be enumerating on shortly.

 But before going into that, we will first of all try to understand some of the  likely fears of those that detests the internet and see what we could do, to melt/discard such unfounded fears which hold no waters.

Reasons Why Some People Fearfully Stay Away From The Internet.

 1. It is meant for only Yahoo boys and it is not safe

 2. Scammers are rampant online and could empty your bank account within a twinkling of an eye

3. You must be computer literate and guru before you can do anything online

 4. It is for small children and not really meant for the adults

 5. Most of the online stuffs are lies

 If we continue to talk about these fears it may never end. When put together, it's all about fears and nothing more, but to all such ones, we have this to say:

 'If you are still afraid due to any of the above reasons or more, of making full usages of the modern technology, especially the internet and other services possibly through it, Hear this: Your fears are not genuine enough, they lack merit!'.

 What if we are to tell you that there are fears everywhere even more than anyone could ever imagine?. Give some thoughtful considerations to the following points:

 (a.) Commuting to our various offices day in and out has its own series of fears and risks as well. So do not think that it is risk free just because you goes and come back every day.

 (b.) Sleeping at nights and seeing ourselves alive the next morning may be taken for granted by many of us, but let's remember that some slept and never woke up. My question please, has that stopped people from enjoying their regular night sleeps?. We know better.

 (c.) When you go to any licensing offices near you, you are bound to see some long ques of people struggling to get their driver's licenses not minding that any thing could happen to them while in the steering. Still the fears of accidents never hold them back from buying vehicles and driving same.

 The simple fact here is that fears will always be there and our being afraid of things has been discovered to heighten the fears instead of removing it from us. In view of this therefore, it;s our individual responsibilities to work against such fears, free ourselves from its grips and live a fearless life, while the fears remain fearful to itself.

 It is our individual responsibilities as well, to be cautious and act with wisdom in whatever we do in life but especially in what has been made for everyone's benefits just like the internet or the computers of this world per se.

 My purpose of undertaking this tedious tasks of churning out this lengthy post is nothing but to encourage all you out there who are still apprehensive about the computers/internet benefits, to desist from such hindrances and to make full and informed usages of this great innovations that has come to make life easier in this hectic and stressful times of human history. Remove those imaginative fears off yourselves and embrace the tech with all seriousness for maximum benefits.

 It is true that many people has been scammed online but likewise offline as well. If you move aimlessly in offline world, be sure to get into some problems and that is the same with online.

 If I may ask, where do thieves normally operate? Is it not where there is money to be made? For sure, online world is filled with thieves just like every other busy and happening places offline, because there's real money there. The rule, is to be vigilant and be focus whenever you step in there.

 Making online purchases may not be 100% risk free just like the offline, but if  I'm to make a choice, Online Shopping Takes It All!!!!!!!!.

 Online shopping is having an upper hand in business transactions today and is growing at a steady pace because of the ease associated with it.

 The very ideas of sitting comfortably at home or in the office and have what we ordered online brought to us without any stress on our part is still a bit difficult for some people to understand even in this 21st century of all possibilities.

 Most of these online stores has even gone a step further in putting people's mind at rest by extending their services on POD. Pay On Delivery with full warranty if it's something like electronics and other things of that nature and you are even given some days to return it if you are not satisfied!.

 Yet many still prefer to risk their life with physical cash, moving from one end of the market to the other pricing and repricing and the stresses of some long distance journey with the taxi drivers or through other means just to get what could have been brought to them just by pressing some buttons on their phones.

Technology, How Good Has It Been To Us?

We all know what we are capable of doing and as such, if we know that we are better off making online purchases instead of exposing ourselves to some unnecessary dangers with cash on hand in the markets, why can't we do the right thing? At the same time, if we know that it pays us to continue with how it used to be, our 1960's method, surely there is no crime in that, but being penny wise and palm foolish certainly has some sad consequences.

Then for those of us who could do that but are still afraid of being cheated or have their money stolen, well, trust me, I will provide you with some authentic online stores that you can buy almost anything from and have the full assurance that your money would not tampered with or being cheated in any way.

Here Are Some Of The Online Stores That You Can Patronize With Real Peace Of Mind

 (A.). Amazon.
Online master/

 If you want to give it any other names, Online master/Everything Shop. A place where you have everything you want and have them brought to you in any part of the world.

 Just enter your details in their highly secured/encrypted site's customers section, select your preferred items, make your payments through your ATM card, click OK and then wait for your orders at a stipulated location, day and time.

 These are some of the items you can get from Amazon.

1. Car/Lorry spare parts.

 2. Jewelries

3. Electronics of various types

4. Wears both for the children and adults.

 5. Books of all types from seasoned authors.

6. Electronics of choice

7. Health care products 

8. Games

 (B.) Konga Nigeria.

 Konga is readily available to have your goods brought to your door step in any place in Nigeria. Aside from many testimonies from satisfied customers, Konga has proven beyond doubt that they are out for real online retailing stores business in Nigeria.

Konga Staffs/
 A woman complained to her son who was home for a holiday of how badly she needed a brand new thermocool refrigerator sold at a said place for a certain price. After listening to her, he quietly asked her for her phone and after making some further inquiries from her, jokingly told her mother  to keep the  money down for the fridge, and  that he would help her to get from the market the next three days.

She complied but before the 3rd day, at exactly 12:07 pm a Konga vehicle was at her place to her greatest surprise with the exact fridge that she had described to her son, it was then that her son opened up to her what he did with the phone when he collected from her some two days ago.

It's not a magic in any way and is not new to those who has been making use of this easy ways of making purchases instead of suffering twice with their money in the over crowed and thieves infested open markets.

 So it's real and there's no risk attached especially when you are given the choice of paying at delivery of your good.

 Here are some of the things you can buy from Konga and have them delivered at your door step.

 1. Electronics of all types

 2. Clothes of all types both for children, men, and women

 3. Computers, Phones, Laptops, Ipads, Tablets, and cooking items such as Stock fish, Groundnut/Palm Oils, Spices of different types, Bags of rice, and in fact anything you can think off.

4. Generators and power supply

There are many others like Jumia, V.connect, Alibaba together with other services that take the stress of off your shoulder like booking for a flight, or for a road journey.

 All these and many more you could do conveniently without having to add further stress to yourself.

We suffer to make money but must we have to also suffer to spend it? Since it must be spent, technology has come to lighten the burdens on us and has even made the making of the money itself a little bit easier compared to how it used to be.

 How do I mean? Well, keep visiting the blog as we are sure to keep you updated on that as well in the near future, but meanwhile, give any of the provided links a trial and share your experiences with us if you has not been enjoying the easiness of buying things online.

Simple realities of online shopping/
 Even when it appears that you are the only one taking the technology part in your ways of life and in business, never mind, just stay put and if possible, invest all you could into it because the world is surely heading towards that direction and it wouldn't be long again before you start reaping your rewards just like many people are already doing. Talking about those who had taken their businesses online before now.

 Lastly, the Facebook which has been termed the number one time waster along with other social platforms on the internet, has on its own apart from gainfully keeping some people employed, have had some stories of so many couples that it has united and many businesses that it has boosted for some maximal profits and exposures.
 Do all you can to be technologically updated because the world is not moving backward as we have seen with the modern day technology with its achievements.      

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