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Taking Your Writing Job Serious And The Benefits That Follows It

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If you are asked to do something perhaps by a boss in the office or any other superior individual, such things are usually done without much explanations and the reason for doing it in such ways could not be overly emphasized; for you know it well that your livelihoods at least for the present depends solely on your works there in the office or as the case may be, to protect some interests and not to appear rude or for any other cogent reasons.

This  became an issue to me after considering the bad work ethics affecting me as a blogger and a writer as well as others in the same field of endeavor. We are given a whole lot to do whether we realize that or not, and for real, if you we know what rest on our shoulder as writers, we would perhaps say no to even sleeps at nights due to the enormity of what it takes to write and to be read and heard of.

It is a clear fact that some of our close friends doesn't know our values because writers are often viewed as the laziest people in the society but they themselves know that to be untrue as many testimonies disagrees with such a wrong notions.

 Writers make the world go round because without them everything looks and appears dull within the societies. While it is one thing to see oneself as a writer, it is quite a different thing for one to be able to see what rests on him or her as one.

Writers shape the societies by bringing up day to day activities and shaping them into real life experiences with lessons to be learned from them as well as to keep some commendable patterns for others to learn from.

Most of us today cannot do without mentioning some great artists and playwrights who shaped their young minds through their fictitious and real life compositions that helped them not only to pass their exams during the school days but to have grown and to see the realities of doing some things in a said ways and manners..............

Since we have chosen to be writing, greater numbers has equally chosen to be readers because of the directions the writers provide with their literary works which has in turn saved great number of people a whole lots in life which ranges from being educated of the dangers of doing some certain things wrongly to avoiding some pitfalls that could take one's life coupled with numerous motivational and how to's that are constantly being chunked out there for the benefits of  individuals with varying degrees of interests.

 As if that is not enough, schools are operative today because of the relentless efforts of writers who are bent on giving back to the society what it helped them to achieve in life.
As writers, we know that many things which worked yesterday are no longer workable today, it behooves on us therefore to remain active with our pen and papers to have the masses educated properly and to lessen the losses accruing from following the wrong and outdated methods of doing things and turn the people to be more productive through whatever means we deem possible with our magic fingers.

As writers too, we are so versatile to the extents that the interests of our readers sometimes takes the greater part of us all in the name of trying to search out what are workable and have it published for the people's consumption. A writer could be said to be all in one because he is expected to handle whatever he is to write about in ways that would leave the consumers better and happier for being exposed to their work.

 Take some look at the following and see what you are as a writer in case you don't know.

Though varied in interests and what topics we cover as writers, we are one in some senses working together as one.

A doctor for instance, would have read so many books on his way to becoming a qualified doctor, likewise many other professions such as bankers, pilots, engineers, and other delicate professions that has a lot to do with reading of various types of books courtesy of writers energies. Good!
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  As the years roll by and many findings on how to make things work better comes up with it, who keep the qualified bankers, doctors, pilots etc up to date helping them become fresher with knowledge by the day?  -Writers of course, who worked with the educators through the pages of corresponding books as it were.

Sometimes too, even the best of a highly motivated teacher may become downhearted due to some reasons or related stress from work, then as he may be driving home from work coincidentally looks out from his car and see either on the back page of a newspaper or other published books on how to deal with the particular problem that the teacher is going through, what do you think he would? Your guess is as good as mine because if you re' the one, you wouldn't have done a different thing.

Probably after reading it and sees a friend complaining of the same problem, he either refers him to the same publication or use his acquired knowledge to help him as well.

So as writers and probably the newbies, never for any reason downgrade your job or perhaps feel that your imputes is not needed or worst still, as a self employed, that you are to be lazy at it, No! serious writers can never and is not allowed to be lazy at any time.

 Whenever a writer is not writing, he is reading, gathering some information to be published for some newer ways of doing things and more profitably too. Even if a writer is not presently writing or reading, believe me, seasoned writers are always busy with his ears and eyes even in their relaxation or playing periods.

 Never joke with writers because they are doing much more than you could ever imagine.

Don't just write for money because if you do, you may never be satisfied with it. As a writer, money will come but may not be as soon as you expected.

Your ability to write could be seriously put to the test in many ways; it could be from your grammar, the way you pass information, critics even from your fellow writers and close friends but all those are in the power of your fingers to handle. You either let them take  better part of you or continue with what you do while being on the look out for ways to improve in what you are doing to make it better and better.

If you have been writing for some good and useful purposes for some time now, let this piece serve as a motivation to keep up with the good works.

Write but never write to incite your readers to the wrong purposes because that certainly discredit you as a trusted writer.

 Exercise that powers in your hand for a reputable cause and give your audience reason for picking  your book from the store, visiting your web page and listening to you, do that and you would be rewarded accordingly above your wildest imaginations.

Are you a newbie writer? Same thing goes out for you but know that the only thing that would keep you writing, is to be writing! Not purposelessly but purposefully giving out to the public that which is worth their time and whatever resources they may put into reading your work.

 You need money to keep up with your work, yes we all  need it as well but learn to first of all give before expecting to receive, Ok? Do your part well and learn all there is to to earn about doing what you have set out to do.
Write, if you are in love with the wonderful and selfless profession of writing but remember to do it well and give your readers enough reason to have chosen your work.
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